April 11, 2012 Letter

April, 11, 2012 Letter 

Asylum Letter # 10

Date: April 11, 2012
From: Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich 
To: David Chase Taylor
Carrier: Die Post

April 11, 2012 Letter Translated from German (Original PDF Below)

David Taylor, born 4/15/1977, Germany

Legal issue / Diverse Applications

Dear Mr. Taylor

l hereby refer to FIG Their letter dated 14.03.2012 and the matter contained therein and
the various applications.

To A: Yes, Their drops of any request for political asylum under the asylum law (Art. 2 and 3 of the Asylum Act).

To 1: You apply for an exemption for any application for asylum Their such a law is
but not provided and therefore not possible.

At 2: Alliäliige of evidence are discovered after Stellun (jde § § § s nsylantFä dsrchtet Üongentronnen lm.
Although you his asylum application with us (Zurich Migration Office) are responsible for the decision
lhren on request but the Federal Office for Migration (Article 6 of the Asylum Act).

At 3: Since the decision required under section 2 is not possible to occur if current
no effects at your personal residence status.

At 4: Here we venrueisen on the remarks made by Jan Leltz. In submitting a
Asylum application, you would lose the residence permit, 8. "This is the case, because the
Asylum procedure is designed for people without an existing residence permit.

At 5: This is not possible. Their application should be approved for asylum, they would turn
a ', B "residence permit obtained (Art. 60, para 1 Asylum Act).

It makes the present case of an asylum petition does not make sense. ln most cases you would
after the procedure, another one, to get 8 "permit. And you would nothing would have won, but during the procedure, a much worse legal position accept (legal asylum work ban etc.).

l hereby Their hope I have answered questions to lhrer satisfaction.

Best Regards

Migration Office of the Canton of Zurich

Fricker, M.A. HSG in Law jur. trainee

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