March 14, 2012 Email

March 14, 2012 Email

After 10 months of letters, calls and emails, David Chase Taylor finally received his second asylum appointment at the Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich for March 14, 2012. 

Just two days prior on March 12, 2012, David Chase Taylor spoke at length with both Ms. Nelly Davoli and Jans Lietz (at attorney at the Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich) who informed Taylor that he would be subjugated to Swiss Refugee law should he apply for asylum.  

Upon receiving this notification, Taylor sent  the following email with an attached letter dated March14, 2012, stating that he needed to cancel the March 14, 2012 asylum appointment and has subsequently asked to be treated as a E.U. and U.S. citizen in all future legal proceedings.

To date, the
Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich has failed to respond to Taylor's letter.

Despite repeated attempts by Taylor to communicate with and meet with the Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich via letters, emails and calls, Taylor has been denied due process in his case for political asylum, a clear violation of the Migration Office's legal responsibility under Swiss law.

As a holder of an Ausländerausweis "B" Swiss residence permit, Taylor is entitled to the same rights and protections under the Swiss Constitution as a Swiss citizen.

Asylum Email # 5

March 14, 2012
To: Nelly Davoli (
From:  David Chase Taylor (
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