May 24, 2012 Appointment

May 24, 2011 Appointment

In response to David Chase Taylor's March 8, 2011, and April 8, 2011, asylum letters to the Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich, Taylor finally received a letter in response dated April 13, 2011, with his first asylum appointment date for May 24, 2011.

When Taylor arrived for his May 24, 2011, appointment, he was accompanied by Janaki Felske, a Swiss citizen.

At the 10:00 AM appointment time, Taylor was subsequently told that the employee responsible for his case was sick and unavailable to meet with him. Taylor was then
told that a letter with a new appointment date would be mailed out in the next few days.

When Taylor asked to meet with another employee regarding his case, Taylor's request was denied. Upon further questioning, Taylor was told that a woman named "Ms. Davoli" was specifically responsible for his case and that she “knows [Taylor's] docs very well”.

Taylor then asked if he could receive documentation that he appeared for his May 24, 2011, appointment, but his request was denied. Taylor then asked for a manger who obliged Taylor's request by stamping and then writing a hand written note on the official April 13, 2011, appointment letter (see right-hand lower corner of letter below).

With numerous employees present, Taylor was denied his legal right to fill out an asylum application and initiate his asylum process. To date, the Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich has failed to send Taylor a new appointment letter

Despite repeated attempts by Taylor to communicate with and meet with the Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich via letters, emails and calls, Taylor has been denied due process in his case for political asylum, a clear violation of the Migration Office's legal responsibility under Swiss law.

As a holder of an Ausländerausweis "B" Swiss residence permit, Taylor is entitled to the same rights and protections under the Swiss Constitution as a Swiss citizen.

Appointment # 1

Date: May 24, 2011
Time: 10:00AM
Location: Migration Office of the Canton of Zürich
Address: Berninastrasse 45, 8090 Zürich, Switzerland
Next Action: May 30, 2011 Letter