Art Works of David Baird 

Northwest Coast Native Style Art

Carvings  -  Jewelry  -  Wall Sculptures 

Updated  February 2016


David was born and raised on Vancouver Island and always had a love for the  local West Coast style of Native Art.  He started his own business when he was 24 years old and even  having a busy family  life with 5 children, always found time to dabble in some artistic endeavour.  When he retired 12 years ago he was able to give his full attention to artistic creativity.

David crafts out of his workshop at home in Victoria B.C. where he has resided for the past 40 years.  During this time, he's completed many carvings using local red and yellow cedar.  He frequently  incorporates  metal in his projects with silver, copper or brass.  Almost every piece is accented with abalone shell.  David has also started utilizing fused glass in his latest works.

Another of his interests is making silver and gold jewelry  as well as abstract art using wood and metal.

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Sea Otter Bonding

Beaver Sun

Sea Otter's Dinner

Mountain Goat


Birds of a Feather

Resting Raven

Raven with Black Glass

Killer Whale and Friends

Raven with Red Glass

Sea Serpent

Eagle Eye

Spring Moon

Eagle Face

Eagle Fish

Green Sun


Orange Sun




Box Front

Copper Moon

Copper Sun



Spawning Salmon
5 ft x 3 ft  Metal and Glass


Red Cedar Mask
4 ft Dia 


Metal and Glass Panel

4 ft x 2 ft


Funky Fish

Fused glass   3 ft.


Owl  2 ft.

Carving of Eagle

Red Cedar 3ft.



 Baby Owl

Yellow Cedar & Fused Glass 22in x 21in   SOLD


Fused Glass & Metal Rod  48in x 18in   Private Collection

Bird Watcher

Red Cedar & Fused Glass  32in Dia   SOLD


Fused Glass & Metal Rod  51in x 33in  


Fused Glass & Metal Rod  30in x 24in   SOLD




'Eagle (red)'

Red cedar fused glass  4ft x 1.5 ft      SOLD

'Eagle with Salmon'

Red cedar and abalone  3ft x 1.5 ft      SOLD

'Bird of Prey'

Red cedar, abalone & fused glass  40in x 35in     PRIVATE COLLECTION

'Salmon (Green)'

Red cedar & fused glass    26in x 20in    

Assorted Bracelets


'Spawned Slamon'

Red cedar and metal  4.5ft x 1.5ft    

'Salmon (Red)'

Red cedar & fused glass    26in x 20in    

'Killer Whales'

Red cedar, abalone & fused glass  30in x 20in   

'Salmon (Brass)'

Red cedar & polished brass  26in x 20in   

'Large Pendant'

Brass & silver  3in   

'Downtown Calgary'

Cedar, brass & cooling coils  3ft x 17in x 5in    

'Devil Fish'

Yellow cedar, silver & jade  30in x 18in    


  Copper & silver  2in    

'Salmon (cedar & silver)'

Red cedar & silver  32in x 12in    SOLD

'3 Geese'

Chrome & brass  2.5ft x 2ft    SOLD

' Pendant (killer whale)'

Brass   2in   

'Devil Fish'

Red ceda, silver & Abalone  2.5ft x 16in     SOLD

'Silver pendant '  2in    

'Loons & Moon'

Yellow cedar & abalone  3.5ft x 3.5ft    Not for Sale  PRIVATE COLLECTION

'Siver pendant'   2in



Red cedar & silver   32in x 12in       SOLD

'Silver pendant'  2in    

'Red cedar & copper'  2ft x 2ft      SOLD

'Silver pendant'   2in    

'Mushroom Rock at Bamfield, B.C.'

Red cedar  30in x 16in     

Metal Thunderbird

'Chome & Brass plate'  4ft x 3ft   

'Peace sign'  any size     silver       


Yellow cedar &  abalone   27in x 27in


'Silver killer whale'  2.5in     

'Raven with Frog'

Yellow cedar  2ft x 19in


'Silver pendant' with earrings    3in    

'Rising Sun Mask Design'

Red cedar & copper  2.5ft dia.    

'Silver pendant'   2in    

'Setting Sun Frog Design'

Yellow cedar & abalone  3.5ft dia.


Frog   SOLD
Sun Mask   SOLD

Hida design    SOLD

Eagle   SOLD

Humming Bird  SOLD

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