David Antonio Gómez Jáuregui, PhD

Associate Professor Of Computer Science

I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science at ESTIA Institute of Technology. My research interests are focused on creating new ways of natural user interaction with computers by detecting emotions, gestural and non-verbal behaviors from users. This is a multidisciplinary research involving Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction and Affective Computing.

Before my current position, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at IBM France Center for Advanced Studies. I have also worked as a postdoctoral researcher at LIMSI-CNRS, under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Claude MARTIN and at INRIA Rennes, under the supervision of Prof. Anatole LECUYER. I received my PhD in Computer Science at Télécom SudParis, France, on May 2011, under the supervision of Prof. Patrick HORAIN.

My particular research interests are:

  • 3D motion capture by monocular vision and virtual rendering
  • Automatic detection of human nonverbal behavior
  • Emotion recognition from video sequences
  • Human-Avatar nonverbal interaction
  • Avatar-based interaction
  • 3D interaction with virtual environments

My teaching activities include lectures and tutorials in Object-Oriented programming (Java), Databases (SQL), Software Production Methodologies and 3D Graphics courses for engineering students. I have also supervised undergraduate and MSc students in Computer Vision courses.