Peeve's World Tour of the US

Wherein much yarn will be viewed and purchased and numerous friends will be accosted

Map: Google map of the holiday


(All times are local)


23-March-07 - Arive in New York

In which we fly faster than time.

Flight to the US (Via LA, arriving in New York)

  • Quantus flight 93 - departs Melbourne 11:20am, arrives LAX 7:30am (flight time 14hrs, 10min)
  • Quantus flight 107 - departs LAX 8:50am, arrives JFK 14:50pm (flight time 5hrs).


24-March-07 and 25-March-07 - New York

In which we explore one of the great art deco cities.


In Progress / Still to happen

26-March-07 to 28-March-07 - Boston

When Mr. Peeve gets to finally see his beloved Celtics play live.

Train from New York to Boston

  • Will be booked when we arrive in New York.


Basketball Games

  • Toronto at Boston - 26-Mar-07
  • Orlando at Boston - 28-Mar-07

29-March-07 - New York

Where the Peeve's indulge themselves shamelessly.

Train from Boston to New York

  • Will be booked when we arrive in New York (the first time).


30-March-07 - Chicago

During which Mr. Peeve has promised to wear a giant foam hockey puck on his head.

Fight from New York to Chicago

  • American Airlines flight 1167 - departs Newark 10:15am, arrives Chicago 11:45am (flight time 2hrs 30 min)


The Hockey Game

31-March-07 - Minneapolis

In which Chaos and Mayhem ensue.

Fight from Chicago to Minneapolis

  • North West Airlines flight 127 - departs Chicago 09:00am, arrives Minneapolis10:34am (flight time 1hr 34 min)


  • A top secret knitting hide-out.

01-April-07 - Seattle

Where the Peeves catch up with the recently departed.

Fight from Minneapolis to Seattle

  • North West Airlines flight 805 - departs Minneapolis11:45am, arrives Seattle 01:23pm (flight time 3hrs 38 min)


02-April-07 and 03-April-07 - San Francisco

In which the Peeves try to behave themselves, lest they end up in Alcatraz

Fight from Seattle to San Francisco

  • United Airlines flight 729 - departs Seattle 09:44am, arrives San Francisco 11:49am (flight time 2hrs 5 min)


04-April-07 and 05-April-07 - Los Angeles

Being the bit where we learn to juggle and in the process realize that LA is a big place.

Fight from San Francisco to LA

  • American Airlines flight 1320 - departs San Francisco  12:50pm, arrives LAX 02:15pm (flight time 1hr 25 min)

Accommodation (4th)

Accommodation (5th)

06-April-07 - Depart Los Angeles

In which several days are mysteriously lost.

Flight home

  • Quantus flight 94 - departs LAX 11:40pm, arrives Melbourne 7:55am on the 8th (flight time 15hrs, 15min)