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Who are we?


We are David R. Wright and Jill A. Wright - authors, travellers, geographers. We travel the world to write about the world: we have visited over 100 countries.
Sadly, David died on 20th November 2009 after more than 3 years battling cancer. He didn't let it stop him writing atlases and articles. Jill, his co-author continues his work.

Both of us are geography graduates and we’ve been teachers, teacher-trainers and school governors. We have written 20 books and over 100 articles in journals and magazines. We expect to be writing more books and articles soon…. Many of our publications are illustrated by our own photos: we have a collection of more than 10,000 high-quality transparencies.

Our best-selling book is the Philip’s Children’s Atlas (in Canada and the USA it is the Facts on File Children’s Atlas). It has sold over a million copies world-wide, and has been translated into German, Greek, Japanese and Norwegian. Our two children have been our "expert advisers" for the atlas (see the dedication on page 2). Steven has designed and built this web site.

Now, our daughter, Rachel Noonan, is co-author with David of two new atlases: Philip's Early Years Atlas and Philip's Infant School Atlas for which her children were "expert advisers". Not only has she used her expertise from working with nursery and infant classes, but she is proud to have helped her father achieve his ambition of co-authoring atlases for children from pre-school to secondary school before he died.

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