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David & Jill Wright are the authors of 

Philip's/Facts on File Children's Atlas (for 7-12 years) 

Philip's Infant School Atlas (for 5-7 years)

Philip's Early Years Atlas (for 3-5 years)

and many other publications.
Sadly, David died on 20th November 2009 just before his 70th birthday. He had fought cancer for more than 3 years, during which time he had written the two latest atlases with the help of our daughter, Rachel Noonan, plus numerou s articles. He was checking the proofs of a booklet on 'Hymns about work' 48 hours before he died! Jill hopes to continue the good work as his co-author.
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You can find out more each atlas from the links on the left, including reviews and interview about writing it. This website features some quizzes for teachers, parents or children which can be answered from our atlases, (or any other good atlas) and - for the younger children - more 'Ideas for Adults'.

Our books feature many of our own photos - we have included some here, along with the stories behind them that aren't in the books.

In the background of our writing is textbook research and evaluation of world maps.

Enjoy, and please contact us if you find the site and our books useful, or if you are interested in publishing any of our future project ideas.


Philip's Early Years Atlas and Philip's Infant School Atlas were published on 9th March 2009 at £6.99 each - to see the covers and get more information please use the links on the left.

Atlas update:The 12th edition Philip’s Children’s Atlas (published 2007) was REPRINTED in 2009 and again in 2010. It features EQUAL-AREA world maps; new satellite photos; better coverage of Eastern Europe and East Asia. Hardback Edition (UK) ISBN 978-0-540-09005-0  Price £10.99

REPRINT of  'The Book of Mulbarton' (first published November 2006) was reprinted in 2009: price still held at £19.99 - see 'Other Projects', Local History

For developments with the (W)Right World Map - see World Maps