A featurette about Sleuths from Orange TV's "Downtown Orange County" for which I did an interview:

Sleuths on Downtown Orange County

A promo video for Sleuths, made around 1999. You can see me in a couple of different roles here:

Sleuths Promo Video

This is a voice over project I did for GTI: Language Learning With Spider-Man. I provided the voices in Spanish... you can hear a small snippet of me around 2:30. (This YouTube video is a review created by an independent user of the product:)

YouTube Video

Here is a fun video of a performance I did a few years back with the Orlando Gay Chorus. It was a medley of 50 Christmas carols all rolled into one... originally titled 'Mrs. Claus Live From The North Pole Lounge', we reinvented it as though a legit soloist was hired for the show... bringing along a few holiday surprises with her. Enjoy!

Complete Christmas Medley - Part 1

The Complete Christmas Medley - Part 2

And another Orlando Gay Chorus Holiday Appearance: This time as the emcee "Merry" in their 2011 concert "There's Something About Merry:"

There's Something About Merry

I also co-produced, co-wrote, performed, and directed a local cable TV show from 1989-1993. We had no budget and little resources, but some of the bits are still a lot of fun. Go to the Vimeo site for more info & details about the specific episodes (yeah I went a little crazy with the imdb-style trivia)...

Cutting Room Floor: Episode 1 - Home Telephone Mall from The Cutting Room Floor on Vimeo.

Cutting Room Floor: Episode 2 - Interruption from The Cutting Room Floor on Vimeo.

The Cutting Room Floor: Episode 3 - Changed at the Last Minute from The Cutting Room Floor on Vimeo.

Cutting Room Floor: Episode 4 - Soap on a Rope from The Cutting Room Floor on Vimeo.

 And here are some of my favorite shows from Walt Disney World, Orlando:

Three Wise Men

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas (Part 1)

A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas (Part 2)