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Miracle On 34th Street Shellhammer Garden Theatre Winter Garden, FL 2015-12 
The Explorers Club Humphries Mad Cow Theatre Orlando, FL 2015-01 
And Baby Makes Four Tony Utmost Productions / Orlando Fringe Orlando, FL 2014-05 
Forbidden Broadway's Greatest Hits Cameron Mackintosh / Anthony Rapp / Others Winter Park Playhouse Winter Park, FL 2014-04 
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Lawrence Garden Theater Winter Garden, FL 2014-01 
Oh! The Stories You'll Hear! Reader Universal Studios Ent. Orlando, FL 2013-09 
Laughter On The 23rd Floor Kenny Mad Cow Theatre Orlando, FL 2013-01 
Ollivanders Experience/Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Wandkeeper Universal Studios Orlando, FL 2012-12 
Sunday In The Park With George Jules/Bob Greenberg Mad Cow Theatre Orlando, FL 2012-10 
Welcome Home Wednesdays Host Disney Events Group Lake Buena Vista, FL 2012-06 
7 Days Jonathan Playwrights' Round Table Orlando, FL 2012-01 
Horror Make-Up Show Host Alex/Artist Mark Universal Studios Ent. Orlando, FL 2011-03 
The Drag Rolly Kingsbury Empty Spaces Theatre Co. Orlando, FL 2011-01 
A Christmas Carol Fred Beth Marshall Presents Winter Garden, FL 2010-12 
The Cradle Will Rock Yasha Mad Cow Theatre Orlando, FL 2010-06 
My Fair Lady Jamie/Ensemble Mad Cow Theatre Orlando, FL 2010-05 
Slapstick Studios/"What's Your Problem?"/Velcro Show Hook/Loopy Walt Disney World Ent. Lake Buena Vista, FL 2010-05 
Disaster! Lonnie Universal Studios Ent. Orlando, FL 2010-03 
The American Idol Experience Field Producer Walt Disney World Ent. Lake Buena Vista, FL 2010-02 
Block Party Bash Green Army Man Walt Disney World Ent. Lake Buena Vista, FL 2010-02 
A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas Stitch (voice & digital puppetry) Walt Disney World Ent. Lake Buena Vista, FL 2009-12 
Sea World Spooktacular Celebration Sea Anemone "Wigglesworth" Sea World Orlando, FL 2009-10 
Stitch's Supersonic Celebration Stitch (voice & digital puppetry) Walt Disney World Ent. Lake Buena Vista, FL 2009-06 
Corpus Christi John Relevant Theatrics/Orlando Fringe Orlando, FL 2009-05 
The Karate Guy Lucille/Ducky/Etc. KMK Prod./Orlando Fringe Orlando, FL 2009-05 
Amadeus Venticello 1 Mad Cow Theatre Orlando, FL 2009-03 
Sweeney Todd In Concert Pirelli Orlando Philharmonic/Mad Cow Theatre Orlando, FL 2009-03 
Laughing Wild Man Sleuths Orlando, FL 2009-02 
Holidays Around The World Gaspar (Three Kings @ Epcot Mexico) Walt Disney World Ent. Lake Buena Vista, FL 2008-12 
Zombies From The Beyond Rick Jones Jester Theater Winter Garden, FL 2008-10 
Here Be Dragons Daniel Utmost Prod./Orlando Fringe Orlando, FL 2008-05 
Diva By DIva Narrator Orlando Gay Chorus Orlando, FL 2008-03 
Got Milk? David Play-In-A-Day/Shakespeare Playfest Orlando, FL 2008-02 
She Loves Me Waiter/Ensemble Mad Cow Theatre Orlando, FL 2007-11 
Hate Mail Preston Jester Theater Orlando, FL 2007-07 
Sweeney Todd Pirelli Mad Cow Theatre Orlando, FL 2006-10 
The Constant Wife Bentley Mad Cow Theatre Orlando, FL 2006-06 
Orlando Vigilante Mary Quiet Desperation/Orlando Fringe Orlando, FL 2006-05 
Urinetown McQueen Mad Cow Theatre Orlando, FL 2005-09 
The Man Who Came To Dinner Beverly Carlton UHSTP Daytona Daytona Beach, FL 2005-04 
Into The Woods Narrator Valencia Character Company Orlando, FL 2005-02 
The 1940s Radio Hour Neal Tilden Bay Street Players Eustis, FL 2004-12 
Whipping Wally Wonker Charley Utmost Productions/Orlando Fringe Orlando, FL 2004-05 
Bat Boy: The Musical Sheriff Reynolds Valencia Character Company Orlando, FL 2004-02 
Baby Jane! the musical comedy Daddy/Edwin Hat Box Revue/Theatre Downtown Orlando, FL 2004-01 
Assassins Hinckley Rusty Dog Productions Orlando, FL 2003-11 
My Big Fat Gay Wedding Bruce Utmost Productions/Orlando Fringe Orlando, FL 2003-05 
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