(click images for larger view)

Shellhammer in "Miracle On 34th Street"
(Garden Theater)

Humphries in "The Explorers Club"
(Mad Cow Theatre)
photos by Tom Hurst

Tony in "And Baby Makes Four"
(Orlando Fringe)
with Todd Allen Long and Marcie Schwalm
 photo by Stephen Bates

Man 2 in "Forbidden Broadway"
(Winter Park Playhouse)
with Heather Kopp, Benjamin Ptashinsky, and Allyssa Yost

Lawrence in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"
(Garden Theatre)
with Jillian Gizzi and Wesley Slade
photos by James Tutten

Kenny in "Laughter On The 23rd Floor"
(Mad Cow Theatre)
photos by Tom Hurst

Jules in "Sunday In The Park With George"
(Mad Cow Theatre)
photos by Tom Hurst

Fred in "A Christmas Carol"
(Beth Marshall Presents)
with Dennis Neal
photo by KHPhotographics

Venticello 1 in "Amadeus"
(Mad Cow Theatre)
with Chad W. Gneiting
photo by Tom Hurst

Eunice in "Eunice & Ernie's Story Time For Grown-Ups"
(Orlando Fringe Festival 2012)
with Alexander Mrazek

photos by Jason Wood / Jeff Henderson

Bentley in "The Constant Wife"
(Mad Cow Theatre)
with Dena Kology
photo by Tom Hurst

Waiter in "She Loves Me"
(Mad Cow Theatre)
photo by Tom Hurst

Jamie in "My Fair Lady"
(Mad Cow/Orlando Philharmonic)
with Michael Edwards & Rod Cathey
photos by Tom Hurst

Pirelli in "Sweeney Todd In Concert"
with Davis Gaines and Faith Prince
(Orlando Philharmonic/Mad Cow Theatre)
photos by Tom Hurst

Daniel in "Here Be Dragons"
(Utmost Productions/Orlando Fringe)
with Marcie Schwalm

Fringe Preview for "Here Be Dragons"
(Utmost Productions/Orlando Fringe)
with Marcie Schwalm & Todd Allen Long

Preston in "Hate Mail"
(Jester Theater)
with Trenell Mooring

Charley in "Whipping Wally Wonker"
(Utmost Productions/Orlando Fringe)
with Scott Hodges, MariRenee Sluce, Kenny Borgas, Jeff Lindberg,
Guy Bosworth, Kimberly Gray, Kristina Peterson, and Stephen J. Miller

Randi in "The Next Comedy Icon"
(Working Actor Productions TV Pilot)

Yasha in "The Cradle Will Rock"
(Mad Cow Theatre)
with Stephan Jones & Janine Papin
photos by Tom Hurst

John in "Corpus Christi"
(Relevant Theatrics/Orlando Fringe)
with John Bateman

McQueen in "Urinetown"
(Mad Cow Theatre)
with Ron Schneider, Ashley Blake Fisher, Brett Carson,
Gail Bartell, Danny Villnow, and Eric Pinder
photo by Tom Hurst

Rick Jones in "Zombies From The Beyond"
(Jester Theater Company)

Sheriff in "Bat Boy: The Musical"
(Valencia Character Company)
with Chad Cartledge, Scott Hodges, Danny Villnow,
Melissa Goggins, and Bertrice Jean

Man in "Laughing Wild"
(Sleuths 'It's No Mystery!' Series)
with Janine Klein

Beverly Carlton in "The Man Who Came To Dinner"
(UHSTP Daytona)
with Matthew J. MacDermid

Bruce in "My Big Fat Gay Wedding"
(Utmost Productions/Orlando Fringe)
with Michael Slaymaker & Stephen J. Miller
photo by Dennis Butler

Hinckley in "Assassins"
(Rusty Dog Productions)

(click images for larger view)

Officer Pat Friskem
(Disney's Hollywood Studios
Citizens of Hollywood)

"Director / AD / Camera Man David"
(Hollywood Studios Film Crew)
photo by Super Plurry Photography

Director Alfie Hitchkick
(Disney's Hollywood Studios
Citizens of Hollywood)

Host 'Alex' and Artist 'Mark' in "Horror Makeup Show"
(Universal Studios)

Lonnie in "Disaster!"
(Universal Studios)

Reader in "Oh! The Stories You'll Hear!"
(Seuss Landing, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure)

Wandkeeper at Ollivanders
(The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,
Universal Studios Islands Of Adventure)

Field Producer at "The American Idol Experience"
(Disney's Hollywood Studios)

Leading Man Holden Hollywood
(Disney's Hollywood Studios
Citizens of Hollywood)

Wigglesworth the Sea Anemone
at "Halloween Spooktacular"
(Sea World Orlando)

Inspector Bleuseau, convention character
(Disney Events Group)

Tacky Tourist
(Universal Studios)

Green Army Man in "Block Party Bash"
(Disney's Hollywood Studios)

Gaspar, one of The Three Kings in Mexico
in "Holidays Around The World"
(Epcot @ Walt Disney World)

Hook & Loopy
at Velcro's "Slapstick Studios"
(Epcot @ Walt Disney World)

(click images for larger view)

Elga in "Lord Mansfield's Fox Hunt Banquet"

Eugene in "Holidaze In Hillendale"

Lilah in "The Reunion"

Kevin in "Kim & Scott Tie The Knot"

Detective Gelding in "The Reunion"

Constable Connie in "Squire's Inn"

Gerald in "Lord Mansfield's Fox Hunt Banquet"

Constable Connie in "Celestial Manor"

Alfonzo in "Celestial Manor"

Michael in "The Show Must Go On"

Sonny in "The Show Must Go On"

Dolly in "WKZY"

Detective Elvis in "G.K.'s 80th Birthday"

Plato in "Island For Sale"

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