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Leverage data to improve the status quo

  My high school Trigonometry teacher used to say "The more math you know, the easier you make it on yourself." I believe this applies to every aspect of life.  Keep learning and applying what's been learned to constantly improve the status quo. My goal for every endeavor is to use data to gain new relevant insights and apply them wherever possible so as to improve the status quo.

Where I've Been


I'm proud to say that I have had the opportunity to play a significant role in growing a small start-up from a handful of users to many, many, many people across the globe. Dropcam makes the world's smartest Wi-Fi video camera.  People everywhere use Dropcam to watch what they love from anywhere. Myself included.  Because the camera is connected to the Internet, you can watch the video it streams from anywhere on the planet.  If you haven't yet heard of Dropcam, you owe it to yourself to do two things:

  1. Learn what Dropcam can do
    If you hold anything dear, you have a use for this.
  2. Get yourself a Dropcam today »

Infusion Lounge

Infusion Lounge is San Francisco's hottest, sexiest, and classiest restaurant and night club.  If you were to take a slice out of Las Vegas, and place it in San Francisco, you would have Infusion Lounge. Bapitized in fire, my ability to drive b2c sales began here.  Infusion Lounge took the rookie in me and sharpened my abilities into a needs-anticipating salesman.  A sales team of two, the Director of Sales and I brought in new business clients ranging from Google, RIM, InfusionSoft, Trulia, and Oxford Finance. 

If you have any sort of event you're looking to hold in San Francisco, consider Infusion Lounge.

College Matters

I'm honored to have helped CollegeMatters with it's very first website. Though later reconstructed in iWeb for simpler management by its founder, CollegeMatters was my introduction into HTML and CSS.  CollegeMatters, led by Leslie Goldgehn, provides personalized college and educational counseling. If a student in the Bay Area is looking for a guide, a mentor, or simply additional support in his or her college or graduate school application process, CollegeMatters is the best place to get amazing feedback, mentorship, and support.  

A little about Myself

I have a loving and proud mother and father who live in San Jose, and a younger brother (who most mistake for my twin) at the University of San Francisco. When I'm not fiddling on my computer or playing my guitar, I'm most likely to be found with friends at Golden Gate Park or running half-marathons.  My wonderful girlfriend and companion, Zuzana Volny aspires to be a commercial film director and currently studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA.

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