Superstruct Now

Timestamp: September, 2019. Location: University of Maine, Maine

For Lack of Presence

22:33, 14 October 2019

Urg sometimes work is fun, and sometimes it just gets annoying. As you can imagine, right now it’s in the annoying stage. In any case, I’ve recently been re-reading some Lovecraft to get me back into the whole writing mode. It’s important since I’ve been approached by LH from Public Health Information to help work on a number of ReDS-related projects. Likewise, with a little stimulus from the realms of Magic: the Gathering and H.P. Lovecraft I’ve revitalized my inspiration and gotten back into writing. The new set—Overlay—rocks. Read More...

"You Have Now Reached the Power Threshold. Mind the Drop."

17:44, 7 October 2019

So yeah I was chatting with MR over the past few days and I mentioned my recent power issues and he asked about them. Guess what! Sunday night I had my first power outage. Read More...

Comments and Lovecraftian Visions

21:23, 30 September 2019

So, as you can gather, I’ve finished a comments section. It’s the first thing I think of—I think I just like cboxes. More elegant and simple than forums, anyway. And it’s not like I can rewire googlepages. I mean for one thing, it’s Google, and for another I’m not a programmer. But it’s there, feel free to post comments. There’s a link on the left of the blog… just don’t be an idiot. I don’t expect you will be, but you should see how much people I’ve known have pretended to be each other in cboxes. Of course you’re always free to email comments to me if they’re pretty long and I’ll just pop ‘em at the bottom of the relevant post. dav.flamerock AT Read More...

Undead on the ARK?

23:12, 25 September 2019

This is so weird. I wrote an entire blog post and was just about to post it when I decided I wasn’t really feeling that post. So here we go a second time. Maybe my thoughts will coalesce a little better this time. Read More...

Once More With Feeling

20:43, 22 September 2019

Oh god blogging. I’ve probably done this dozens of times by now, and none of them turned out particularly well. Granted, a bunch of them were for immersive fiction games I tried my hand at several times, since they were all the rage up until the hacking crisis two years ago. Which is good, I guess, for someone like me. Sure, there are certainly plenty of other writers around to “compete” with me—but that just comes with the incredible increase in population. The population situation, too, is interesting. At twelve billion people we don’t seem to have a whole lot for the time, but then again the increase in population has also served to kill off a large percent of the global population with the whole limited-resources issue. Read More...