Search Engine Optimization is necessary for any website that needs to be found with a search engine. Properly optimized websites will be visible to people searching for your site. Site optimization is included in all web design packages and starts at $99 for existing sites. 

Google Adwords
 Google Adwords offers an excellent value for small advertisers. With highly targeted ads and track-able results, Google AdWords produces the best ROI of any type of advertising. With virtually 90% of potential customers looking for products and services on the internet today, Google AdWords gets your business out front where you will be seen. Ask us about FREE AdWords coupons worth $100, for qualifying customers.  

Email Campaigns
Email campaigns are very useful to maintain contact with your customer base. Often a customer might make a purchase and then forget where they found your business. They will go to a search engine and at that point, you are where you started, competing with every other similar business. Email campaigns reinforce your brand, and ensure that your customers will be back. If business is slow, you can send offers and coupons via email that will bring customers in right away.

Social Media Marketing
 Social media is the opportunity that many internet advertisers overlook. You might have a Facebook page or a Twitter site, but haven't really thought of how it impacts your business. If your name is on your website, people can find your social media sites. It is very important to ensure that your internet presence is professional, consistent, and contains no negative content. Social Media Marketing is a service that includes searching for whatever content you have, and creating content where needed to maximize your internet presence.  

Print Advertising
Although print advertising is not as valuable as it once was, it still has a place in your marketing program. Ads in magazines, direct mail, fliers and similar collateral serve to address the segment of the market that may not look for you with an internet search.