As I am building my muzzleloader kits, I will add pictures of the finished product here.
They may not be the best or most expensive kits, but I am having a hoot building them and learning quite a bit about myself, and history of the time they were used.
I have always loved history, and there is just something about this period of time that fascinates me, thus the kits.

This was my first kit build in over 40 years. It is a Traditons Kentucky Long rifle I started on September 22nd, and as of December 2018, I am feeling quite good about it, so considering it 99% done.

Next is my Traditions Hawken I started right after I finished the Kentucky. I still want to do a few things to this one, but that will be down the road.

 Then came the Traditons Crockett... and this one has turned out to be my favorite so far. 

The shape, size and feel of it are perfect for me. I still need to do a couple of small things like changing out the ramrod for hickory, and some detailing here and there, but I really like it.

I will be getting a Traditions Mountain rifle soon, and that will be my next build.

To be continued...…

Well, the kit arrived today, and I am 6 hours into the initial fitting of the components.... give me 3 or 4 weeks, and it will be done.... pictures only when I am satisfied with it.... well, I am never satisfied, but it will be a rifle by then..... Heheh….