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2-3-5 Bike Map 6

Here is the fourth completed section of my Safe Bicycling Map for Smiths Falls. Comments appear beneath it. Feedback, especially error detection, is welcome. I can be contacted at davidhoffman@magma.ca

This is a map of Smiths Falls south of the Rideau River including Old Sly's Road and Lower Reach Park, plus eastern Queen Street on the north shore. Routes consist of roads, recreational paths, a few sidewalks and parking lots, marked in green, yellow and red, denoting the stress level usually associated with those colours. Green streets have the least motor traffic, yellow streets have some traffic and red streets have the most. 

Three roads, Brockville Street, Jasper Avenue, Old Sly's Road and Queen Street, are such that avoiding them is recommended. This classification is due to the amount or type of motor traffic and the insufficient width of the road. Portions of Old Sly's Road have a single west side (southbound) shoulder that can be used by cyclists to cross its bridges between north and south shores.

Routes marked in yellow include roads, some parking lots and Old Sly's shoulder where it crosses the river. Roads marked in yellow denote an increased level of motor traffic in front of schools or industrial buildings. Yellow routes through parking lots are located in Lower Reach Park and behind the curling club building across the street.

Green routes include roads with the least motor traffic, recreational pathways along the south shore and around Lower Reach Park and some sidewalks between streets north of Queen Street on the north shore. Foot paths are indicated north of the curling club building which lead to the Heritage House museum and behind it under the railway line.