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2-3-4 Bike Map 5

Here is the third completed section of my Safe Bicycling Map for Smiths Falls. Comments appear beneath it. Feedback, especially error detection, is welcome. I can be contacted at davidhoffman@magma.ca

This is a map of Smiths Falls south of the Rideau River and east of Brockville Street, with routes marked in green, yellow and red, denoting the stress level usually associated with those colours. Green streets have the least motor traffic, yellow streets have some traffic and red streets have the most. Three streets, Lombard, Brockville and Jasper Avenue, are such that avoiding them is recommended. 

One block of Catherine Street is marked in yellow because at times there is some motor vehicle traffic in and around the parking lot of St. James School. Same deal for portions of Ross Street west of Brockville and east of Percy Street. Broadview Avenue which bisects Brockville and other streets from southwest to northeast is marked yellow because of higher motor traffic flows. And, as on the previous map, tiny Nellie Lane is marked in yellow because it is a one-way street where motorists might not expect to encounter a bicycle coming in the opposite direction.

There are some green routes on this map that are not streets but rather recreational paths. These extend from Victoria Park, west of Brockville and north of Lombard, along the south shore of the river to Lower Reach Park which is off the eastern edge of the map.

I wish to remind the viewer that this is a map of routes I am aware of, as they presently exist.