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2-3-3 Bike Map 4

Here is the second completed section of my Safe Bicycling Map for Smiths Falls. Comments appear beneath it. Feedback, especially error detection, is welcome. I can be contacted at davidhoffman@magma.ca

This is a map of Smiths Falls south of the Rideau River with routes marked in green, yellow and red, denoting the stress level usually associated with those colours. Green streets have the least motor traffic, yellow streets have some traffic and red streets have the most. Three streets, Lombard, Brockville and Abbott Street north of Lombard are such that avoiding them is recommended. 

Routes that are yellow denote some motor traffic is often present but not so much that the route should be avoided. These include Alfred Street, Ferrara Drive, Ferguson Drive, Harold Street (labelled at the bottom) and Broadview Avenue West. Where Broadview intersects Brockville, the tiny Nellie Street laneway is coloured yellow because although it has hardly any motor traffic, it is a narrow one-way (northbound) street.

Some yellow routes are not streets but rather extend through parking lots, connecting Alfred with Ferrara and Ferguson with western Lombard Street. North of western Lombard are yellow routes through parking lots that do not connect with each other, minimizing their usefulness as a bicycling route north of this street.

Near the bottom of the map, Ross Street changes from green to yellow as it reaches Brockville because there is a facility with a parking lot where cars come and go.

A few green routes that are not streets are shown south and east of Park Avenue on the north shore, through Victoria Park along the south shore, the Cataraqui Trail and a path to it, west of Ferguson Drive . From the north shore, one routes connects Turtle Island on the Basin to the north shore and to Duck and Lock Islands. The Turtle Island-north shore connection and the Turtle Island-Duck Island (shown here as a peninsula before a channel was dug) are separate routes because there is no connecting path across lawns. The green routes extending east and southeast of Park Avenue extend through Centennial Park and along the Basin wall. A further non-road green route is shown extending south from Centennial Drive and Beckwith Street, which is a recreational pathway across foot bridges over new and old Combined Locks.

I wish to remind the viewer that this is a map of routes I am aware of, as they presently exist. Western Lombard Street has many desired destinations but the road itself is quite unsuitable for bicycle traffic. The yellow routes portrayed here through parking lots represent a limited number of alternatives to reach these destinations. Between western Lombard and the river (called the Swale west of the Abbott Street canal locks) north of the various commercial buildings and their parking lots there is forest and fields, the tall ridge of the dismantled railway line and wetlands at the shoreline. Walking or hiking is physically possible in that area but there are no worn down paths. Also, I would like to point out that in the winter there is a snow mobile route that extends beside the southbound lane of Alfred Street as well as Ferrara Drive right to its end where it connects via a path to the Cataraqui Trail. Outside of winter, this route is lawn; it has not been worn down to bare earth which would make it suitable for bicycling.