2-1 Road trips

Mar. 7, 2012

Last fall I accepted an invite to make house calls to a client  in southern Ottawa, using a ride-share car from Smiths Falls to Parliament Hill and my Supercycle (Raleigh) 3-speed folder 12 kilometres down the Rideau Canal and through Fisher Glen. 

This stock bike fits in a car trunk but for an hour-long ride it wasn't a perfect fit. The seat was too hard, its post was a bit too short and the old pedals were getting squeaky. These would all soon be replaced. I took two breaks on the trip down the familiar Canal bike path and carried my tools in a knapsack.

The three-day job involved servicing 'spin bikes' for a fitness club that couldn't get someone local. On site I could drag each one outside and work on it without stinking up the place with cleaners and lubricants and be entertained all day by passing light planes landing at Ottawa's airport. Early on a return ride I found a bicycle in the trash and stripped parts and took the wheels. It made for a heavy load but proved worthwhile.

During the winter I returned to this job site but took a city bus, not trusting the Canal bike path to be plowed or wanting to rust my folder.