1-0 Settling in

Sept. 13 2010

Just to move things along I decided to run an ad in a local paper. There are two so I chose Smiths Falls This Week. The ad wasn't expensive and, after I provided ad copy and a copy of my logo, the publishers devised and sent a proof for me to approve. The first one looked a bit too Mexican restaurant but the second one was fine. Unfortunately I didn't notice that my address was incorrect until after it was published! Well, they sent me the proof and I approved it, so it was my fault. Ever seen something so often you don't even notice its there? That's what happened. The street number published was my old address in Ottawa. Fortunately for neighbours, there is no building at the incorrect number here. I decided to run the ad again in the next edition and SFTW was kind enough to offer it at a discount.

Local friends have seen the first ad and a couple of potential customers have called, one booking an appointment. The main feature of that job was to replace the back wheel. Here's why:

The bike was lashed to a car rack but a strap came loose and the wheel dragged for a ways, grinding the aluminum rim and the tire. Fortunately I had another one with the right dimensions. I could dismantle the damaged wheel and have it recycled but since only the rim is ruined, I think I'll rebuild it with another rim I have. I can do this though I don't like to. Wheel building is time consuming and tricky.