Welcome to my web pages.  I live on the central coast of California with my two girls; Kasper and Heidi. 

I live a few miles away from the beach and both girls love the beach.

This is Kasper.  She recently crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

This is Heidi.

This set of web pages started off with pictures of my telescopes and has morphed into being a catch all
for all the pictures I wanted to share with family and friends.  You can use the menu pane to the left to navigate
the site.

This site currently hosts pictures of my two main telescopes.  My primary telescope is a Meade 10" Widefield
SCT (f/6.3 and 1600mm focal length) that sits on a Celestron CGEM mount.  The other telescope I like to
use is a Celestron C14 (f/11 and 3911mm focal length) that's on a fork and wedge combination.  I have other
telescopes, but don't have pictures of them on the site right now.

This site also hosts pictures of the machine shop in my garage.  I currently have a Webb 3-axis CNC mill
and a Monarch lathe.

I've recently started setting up another website.  It's Dave's Astro Shop.