3D Models of the Little Samson Traction Engine

This WEB site contains 3D drawings of the Little Samson Traction Engine.
The drawings were created using the Personal Edition of Alibre Design.
Details of the Little Samson Traction Engine can be found at www.littlesamson.co.uk
where you can find information about purchasing castings and see photos of models people have
More information can also be found in the Yahoo Group samson_builders.
A 3D PDF can be down loaded here. Click on the image and then you will be able to rotate/pan/zoom
about the model. Right clicking will allow you hide parts so you can see hidden or internal parts.
The model is not complete yet and will be updated as additions are made.
Warning this file is 13+MB.
2D Images in PDF format (The images you can see here are low resolution JPEGs, click on PDF for a better view)
Right Front View
Left Front View
 Left Back View
Right Back view
Right view
Left view
Front view
Back view