When was the last time you bought a $1.71M t-shirt on Amazon?


Passionate collectors have already paid $16,400 for a t-shirt worn by John Lennon, $9,600 for another piece of cloth worn by U2 guitarist The Edge, and an amazing $42,000 for a plain Hanes tee auctioned in favor of UNICEF during the 1996 Olympics. Are these records about to be broken, big time?

A $1.71M sports t-shirt offered on Amazon these days had managed to cause even the most gullible person to raise an eyebrow. A $1,719,845 t-shirt, to be more accurate. This soccer shirt, which features the text “DON’T CHA-WISH your girlfriend could PLAY like me?” next to a pink soccer ball image, is made of 100% black cotton. Oh, and despite the juicy price, seller “Sports for Her” warns that the shirt is “not preshrunk so it will shrink some.” Another warning sign is in the seller’s refusal to cover the shipping fees, probably thinking that a $1.71M spender would be willing to pay the extra $5.75 for shipping. Makes sense.

What's hiding behind this absurd price? What makes a sports good seller think it can sell a black cotton t-shirt for the price of a 16-cylinder Bugatti Veyron? There are two options I can think of: This is either the result of some innocent typing error, or a brilliant marketing trick aimed at attracting more traffic to the seller’s products. At any rate, being ranked no. 335,086 in Amazon’s Sports & Outdoors sales ranking, it doesn’t seem that this t-shirt is a big hit.