Dave Schmidt 60th Birthday Celebration Symposium

Semantics, Abstract Interpretation, and Reasoning about Programs: 
Essays Dedicated to David A. Schmidt on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday

Cottonwood Room, K-State Union
Manhattan, Kansas, USA
September 19-20, 2013

DaveFest, Day I
Thursday, September 19, 2013

08:30-08:40    John Hatcliff: Welcome; practical issues
08:40-08:50    Beth Unger: remembrance
08:50-09:00    Virg Wallentine: remembrance
09:00-09:30    Neil Jones: 
                       A Swiss Pocket Knife for Computability
09:30-10:00    Carolyn Talcott: 
                       The Immune System: the ultimate fractionated cyber-physical system
10:00-10:30    Break (coffee and pastries)
10:30-10:40    Simon Ou: remembrance
10:40-10:50    Torben Amtoft: remembrance
10:50-11:20    Charles Consel: 
                       Design-Driven Software Development: A Programming Language-Inspired Approach
11:20-11:50    Zoe Drey: 
                       Denotational Semantics of a User-Oriented, Domain-Specific Language
11:50-11:51    Lunch instructions
12:00-01:30    Lunch (Student Union or Aggieville)
01:30-02:00    Thomas Jensen: 
                       Pretty-big-step-semantics-based Certified Abstract Interpretation
02:00-02:30    Francesco Logozzo: 
                       Automatic Repair of Overflowing Expressions with Abstract Interpretation
02:30-02:40    Kyung-Goo Doh: remembrance 
02:40-03:15    Break (coffee and pastries)
03:15-03:45    Isabella Mastroeni: 
                       Abstract Interpretation-based approaches to Security - 
                       A Survey on Abstract Non-Interpretation and its Challenging Applications
03:45-04:15    Roberto Giacobazzi: 
                       Completeness and Incompleteness as Models for Unveiling and Veiling Information in Programs
04:15-04:25    Massaki Mizuno: remembrance
04:25-04:26    DInner instructions
07:00-10:00    Symposium Dinner - TIcket Room, Union Pacific Depot
                       performance: Red State Blues Band

DaveFest, Day II
Friday, September 20, 2013

08:30-09:00    Peter Sestoft: 
                       Online Partial Evaluation of Sheet-Defined Functions
09:00-09:30    Torben Mogensen: 
                       A Comparison of Well-Quasi Orders on Trees
09:30-09:50    Robert Glueck: 
                       Simulation of Two-Way Pushdown Automata Revisited
09:50-10:00    Francesco Logozzo: remembrance
10:00-10:30    Break (coffee and pastries)
10:30-10:40    Bernhard Steffen and Tiziana Margaria: remembrance
10:40-10:50    Peter Sestoft: remembrance
10:50-11:20    Johannes Neubuer, Bernhard Steffen, and Tiziana Margaria: 
                       Higher Order Process Modeling
11:20-11:50    Xavier Rival and Bor-Yuh Evan Chang: 
                       Modular Construction of Shape-Numeric Analyzers
11:50-11:51    Lunch instructions
12:00-01:30    Lunch (Student Union or Aggieville)
01:30-02:00    Kedar Namjoshi: 
                       Model Checking in Bits and Pieces
02:00-02:30    Michael Huth and Jim Kuo: 
                       Foundations for Next Generation Trust Management: 
                       Language Design, Semantics and Verification
02:30-02:40    Gurdip Singh: remembrance
02:40-03:00    Break (coffee and pastries)
03:00-03:30    Philip Mulry: 
                       Notions of Monad Strength
03:30-04:00    Jeffrey T. Denniston, Austin Melton, and Stephen E. Rodabaugh: 
                       Formal Concept Analysis and Galois Connections
04:00-04:20    Alberto Pettorossi:
                       Verification of Imperative Programs by Constructive Logic Program Transformation
04:20-04:30    Break
04:30-05:15    Dave Schmidt:
05:15-05:25    Olivier Danvy: Singalong - Resumption song, We will thank you
05:25-05:30    Anindya Banerjee: Closing
05:30-07:00    Optional mini-excursion - Konza Prairie Sunset Walk
07:00-             Dinner at Aggie Station