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 I've started making lists on Amazon's listmania.  My Top 300 songs of the 2000s is a set of 15 lists:
I made my best of the 2000s list somewhat prematurely in October of 2009, so I'll likely add some sort of best of the omissions list sometime in the future.  In February of 2010, I started counting down my top 300 songs of the 1990s.  Unlike the 2000s list, I found it harder to separate the songs from their format.  Some songs from the 90s I think of as great 7-inch singles.  Others I think of as very much part of a CD or even as part of one side of an album.  Nonetheless, I still like counting down songs instead of albums.  Here's the start of the 1990s (to be continued)....
The "Best Of" lists from the 2000s and 1990s are dominated by indie rock.  If there was great R&B or country made in the last two decades, it may take me another twenty years or more to discover it.  I've made other lists of much older songs and CDs: