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Before beginning work on this page, I did a google search on “Dave P Miller”, and I found that as of December, 2002, 90% of the 40 non-redundant listings are really me.

As of Summer 2009, more than 90% of the 100+ non-redundant listings are really me, but if you’re looking for the Dave P. Miller who paints planes, who studies agriculture, or who works in the defense industry, those are different guys.  If you search on “David P Miller” instead of Dave, most publications by David P. Miller are also co-authored by yet another different guy, but a few are mine. 

If you’re trying to track down a statistician who was born in Iowa, grew up in Maryland, went to Carnegie Mellon and the University of Michigan, and also lived in Kentucky, Connecticut, and Ohio before moving to California, that’s me. 

If you’re looking for somebody who was a DJ at WRCT (84-89), WCBN (90-92), and WRUW (92-94), and who plugged a banjo into an amp with Planet Log to play the twangiest power chords ever heard in the quirky and unpredictable Akron/Cleveland music scene, that’s also me. 

I haven't kept this updated, so apologies for any bad links and clunky formatting I haven't cleaned up.

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