Dave & Joni Kolb

Missionaries with Seminario Teologico de Baja California

                  (The Theological Seminary of Baja California)

Thanks for visiting our web page. Dave works with the Theological Seminary of Baja California in leadership development focusing on writing leadership materials for Pastors teaching in conferences around the globe.  Joni's health has improved greatly after spending two weeks in a skilled nursing center to undergo rehab after sufferring Lyme Disease for many years. Her doctors took away many of the medications she had been taking and witin several days she began to show marked improvement and now is well on her way to normalcy. We anticipate that she will continue to improve and that the coming year will be one where she shows even more improvement, God willing! Joni is making plans to hold a women's Bible study and raft day to encourage the fellowship of the women living a ministerin in Tecate in various ways.  She also meets often with the wives of our students to discuss and the young pastors we have trained to discuss thier roles in ministry.

Letters To Prince Paul are a series of books being written to a church planter in Ghana West Africa meant to aid Pastor Paul Konu in training leadership in the rapidly developing move of God (300,000+ professions of faith) in his home country of Ghana West Africa.  They are also being translated into Spanish, French and other languages.  Dave and Joni want leaders everywhere to have free access to these books and are trusting that they will we helpful to Christians worldwide. Dave continues to work on his Doctor of Ministry degree DMIN (APOL) through Trinity Graduate School of Theology and Apologetics.

  He also is working on the course plan for the Nah Ziniah Bible College and Ministerial Training Center that he and Prince Paul are working on together in Ghana.

You can download and read Letters To Prince Paul by clicking on this link.

Also please visit our blog at: simplefaithblog.com.

Dave also has published his Life Development Portfolio to the web.

You contact us to arrange a short term missions trip to Tecate, Mexico, or speak for your group at the contact info at the bottom of this page.

Dave is also an adjunct professor with Seminario Teologico de Baja California (STBC), in Tecate, B.C. near San Diego, CA.

Campo Cristiano Betania (Bethany Christian Camp) is another project that we have been working with since 2000.  We invite you to call us to schedule Short Term Mission trip, to work with these projects, or schedule a retreat at the camp near Tecate.

Donations to help support Dave and Jonis' ministry may be sent to:

STBC, Box 729, Tecate, CA 91980.  (Write Dave & Joni Kolb in the Memo)

Contact info for Dave & Joni:

Mail: P.O.Box 729, Tecate,CA 91980

Majic Jack Phone: 619-663-1995 Our home in Mexico

Dave's US cell number: 619-227-7414 (Leave a message and he'll call back when he's in the US.)