The Crown and Cushion

Above the Crown and Cushion before it was demolished.
Below Shancaragh at the Tramshed in Woolwich.
 Above - newspaper cutting showing what the Tramshed looked like in the days when it was a fantastic venue.
I met Mike Del Monti (below) one 1993 lunchtime in the Tramshed at Woolwich where Shancaragh were playing lunchtime Irish sessions.


He said that he was starting a folkclub at Plaisteds wine bar in Woolwich.
After a number of evenings we found that this  was not quite the right venue and after a short time the club moved to The Barn in Sandy Hill Road.
Finally, after some months Mike ended up at the Crown and Cushion by the riverfront. I was fortunate to then get more involved in the club and  watch it grow and become one of the most popular venues in the area. Members then included Sue and Mike; George; Richard; Eileesh; Tony and Lesley - the list goes on and on. We had many fantastic Monday nights.
Unfortunately, Mike died during the early years of the club. It was carried on by the members and eventually became Folkmob at the Tudor Barn in Eltham.
Folkmob are now at the Club at Well Hall, Kidbrooke Lane, Eltham, London. SE9 6TE. 
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