Davide Girolami

Hi, interested reader!

I am a quantum physicist working on the characterization of quantum systems as resources for quantum 
technologies. Currently, I hold a Director's Fellowship at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In the project Controlling Quantum Information with Quantum Correlations,  I study the possibility to obtain computational speed-up powered by quantum coherence and correlations alternative to entanglement. While being a theoretician, I often collaborate with experimentalists in both design and data analysis of quantum information processing implementations, e.g. in optical and NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) systems.

My work

You can find the weblinks to my papers
in my Google Scholar profile.

I like quantifying properties of quantum systems, answering questions as

How to quantify genuine k-partite correlations in a system of N particles?
This is a simple question to phrase, yet no answer was known even for classical systems. See here for the solution

How to determine the speed of a many-body quantum system?   

It turns out that few local measurements are sufficient, see here for details

How to quantify the computational speed up given by coherence in a physics experiment?

Take two copies of your quantum system, make one copy evolve, and then make few joint measurements on the two system copies, as described

Is there a link between quantum complementarity and quantum correlations? Is there an uncertainty principle for single quantum observables? 

Yes, and yes, see here

Career Summary

  • July 2017 -- Director's Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the T-4 group  
  • December 2009 -- M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics at the University of Torino
  • September 2007 -- B.Sc. in Physics at the University of Torino see here


If you are interested in my work, you have some questions about it, you want to collaborate with me, or you just want to share some spare thoughts, please e-mail to davegirolamiATgmailDOTcom