Election Flyer

20 pt assignment

For this project, you will create an election flyer, a poster encouraging people to vote for a candidate. You pick the candidate (person running for office) and you pick what office he or she is running for. The person running for office can either be YOU or someone else. The office can be in the school (student council president for example), a club or organization, the city of East Moline, state of Illinois or United States.


STEP 1     Open a new MS Word document.

STEP 2     Add a HEADER to the document. Under the VIEW menu, choose HEADER AND FOOTER. Type in your first AND last name, your period number and click INSERT DATE for the HEADER box. Then CLOSE the header box.

STEP 3     Click on the CENTER button on the formatting toolbar. Center button.  Then choose a font and large font size (either 36 or 48 points). Click on the BOLD button on the toolbar  Bold button. Type the name of the candidate that is running for office (it could be you or someone else). press the ENTER key when done.

STEP 4     Choose a slightly SMALLER font size (like 26 point size, for example). Then click on the BOLD button again to un-BOLD the next line. Type the word "FOR" and then the name of the office for which you are voting. (For example, Class President, Treasurer, Vice President etc.). Press the ENTER key about 6 times then to move the cursor down the page .

STEP 5    From the INSERT menu, select TEXT BOX. Click under the name of the office and then drag the mouse to draw a text box inside of the "drawing area" It should look like the box below.  Resize the text box by dragging the handles around it. Move it by clicking on the border of the text box and dragging it. The text box should be in the center under the name of the office.



STEP 6   Type a list of reasons for voting for the candidate (what are his/her strong points..why should someone vote for him/her?) You must have at least FOUR reasons for the candidate.  Press the ENTER key at the end of each reason.

STEP 7     Highlight the list by dragging the cursor across it. Change the font size to 24 points. From the FORMAT menu, choose BULLETS and NUMBERING. In the pop up window, click on the   BULLETED tab or NUMBERED tab to choose a style. Click OK.


STEP 8     Double click on one of the sides of the text box. In the FORMAT TEXT BOX window, click the COLORS and LINES tab. Choose a LIGHT FILL color. Also, choose a DIFFERENT LINE color. Click OK.


STEP 9     Click under the text box. Type the date  of the election. (For example, December 12, 2008. )

STEP 10     Add at least one clip art graphic or border. (INSERT menu => PICTURE => CLIP ART to add clipart)

STEP 11. Save and PRINT to the black and white (GVN Lab 301) printer. Turn in to basket.