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= LockTTY =

A program that locks a UNIX / Linux terminal until a password is entered. Useful for securing a terminal if you need to walk away for a few minutes (ie coffee breaks). It generates a message every 30 seconds, which makes it useful as a keep-alive script.

It compiles cleanly on Linux and FreeBSD. It probably works on most UNIXs, but has not been tested.

Requirements: Any version of gcc

= MiniTemplateEngine =

MiniTemplateEngine is a Perl class module designed to handle templated data. Using templates allows you a great deal of flexibility. It can be used to easily create multiple configuration files with different data, or to seperate Perl code from HTML pages.

MiniTemplateEngine can handle scalar or array data. A very useful tool.

Tested on RedHat Linux 7.3, but being Perl, it should work everywhere Perl does.

= SimpePerl =

A class allowing the embedding of simple Perl scripts into a C++ program.

This program was written during my exploration of the methods used to embed Perl into C++. I wrote this class to ensure my understanding of some of the APIs provided by the Perl maintainers for embedding Perl into C. I released the class as a contribution to the perl development community.

Tested on Suse 8.2 Professional with Perl 5.8.0 using G++ 3.3.
= SpriteLib =


SpriteLib is a library to make animations in JavaScript easier. I wrote it to learn how to do animation in JavaScript.

The file comes with a demo called IntelliCow. IntelliCow is a cow that can be moved (manually or automatically using built in (ubercheap) AI.

You can check out the demo here. Note: The graphics for the demo are huge (> 800KB ) so please allow sufficient time for all of the graphics to load for the demo to work properly. The demo will load in a new browser window.

This has only been tested using
Mozilla 1.7. It should work in any browser that uses the Gecko engine (i.e. Firefox and Galeon). It should also work in Internet Explorer, but Microsoft has a tendancy to break standards like a two year old playing with his big sisters china doll collection, so your mileage may vary.

= timed_auth =


Timed_auth is an authentication program for the Squid proxy server that can limit access to the Internet to valid users on the system. It also can limit access to certain times of the day. It can handle multiple groups of users, allowing a finer control over Internet access.

Timed_auth uses the Linux shadowed password file, and group files for authentication. This makes managing user and group lists easy.

This has been tested on SME Linux, but should run wherever Squid does.

Requirements: libcrypt, Perl 5, glibc

= WebClient library =

The WebClient is RFC2616 compliant client side low-level HTTP transport agent library written in Java. It is intened to be used as the HTTP section of larger programs, and is therefore very content agnostic. WebClient is not aware of the types of data is passes back and forth. It only deals with getting the data to and from a standard web server.

WebClient has the following features:

  • Perform GET requests
  • Perform standard POST Requests
  • Perform file uploads with multipart/form-data encoded POST requests
  • Wraps all network related Exceptions in a single WebClientException for convenient exception handling

The WebClient library has been tested with JDK 1.3 from Sun Microsystems.

Requires Java 1.3 or greater