This was a big topic back in the early 70's, but it's seldom mentioned these days, yet it remains the primary source of most of the world's major problems.

Look at the rate of population increase in this chart of the world's population growth over time:
Source: https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/

Now, consider all of the products you use that didn't exist 200 years ago

Think of all the energy and materials required to create them.

Then consider all of the waste you and/or your family produces each week.

Finally, multiply that by a few billion.

Question: How can anybody say that humanity has not negatively affected the environment of this planet?

Drivers of OverPopulation

  • Personal beliefs & desires -- The desire to procreate and have a family

  • Religious beliefs -- (I'll refrain from commenting....I'm agnostic.)

  • Market economy & capitalism -- Fundamentally, based on growth. More people, more consumption, more materials (mining & manufacturing), more businesses, bigger corporations, governance/politics, profits, wealth, etc. More, more, more.

How Much More?

There are some interesting numbers and conclusion from this UTexas article:
"For everyone presently on this planet to enjoy the lifestyle of an average American, we would need about ten planet Earths."

[to be continued...]