Dave Campbell for Mayor


Some of the issues that I think are important issues to be discussed in the Mayor’s race:


·         Invest in emerging engineering and energy technology to bring good jobs to Portland that will be sustainable for future generations and lead in education on the newest and ecologically sound ways to provide for our energy needs.


·         Making schools safer is a priority.


·         Public Transit is important to our economy and should be safe and affordable for everyone, I will support reduced fares for people living below the poverty level.


·         More police should be hired to work in parts of Portland.


·         Police; Teachers, and emergency response workers should be well compensated for their contribution to the community.


·         Protests and marches should always be done with permits in order to keep peace and maintain public safety.


·         The social service network needs to be worked on.


·         The I-5 Bridge needs to be replaced with a modern structure



 E-Mail addresses:




Campaign contributions by check or cash can be made using billpay:
Banner Bank
101 SW Main, Suite 154
Portland, Oregon

Account Number 7606023526

Routing Number 323371076


Or with PayPal on the website


I am going to need to raise $5000.00 for January and $5000.00 for February for office space and incidental expenses. Leading into the months before the primary I am going to need a lot more support.

 If you can donate a laptop, please email me. Other needs are going to be office supplies.


Thank You!