Software Maxmsp

Public domain Max/msp V4.x files

(constructed on PC but should work with max 4.x on either PC or Mac)

  • Pitch tracking monophonic synthesizer .(Good for guitar, woodwind or even vocals) requires the fiddle~ external to work
  • Pizz,  a more advanced plucked violin string model. A standard max patch no externals required. Listen (soundcloud)
  • Wobbleiser,Download (Max/msp zipped) sci fi and industrial sound effects generator, drones, alien machines, soundscapes, simple but fun.

Max/msp V5.x

  • Stutter, Download (Max/msp zipped) slices live audio in to random sections then automatically loops and repitches the audio in realtime.

This patch imitates the guitar effects used by Radiohead on the track 'Go to Sleep' Provided with a user friendly interface.
Just select a preset and play.

  • Node  simple analogue style subtractive synth something like a moog in character. This one is PC only (sorry Mac users) and makes use of the new Max 5 interface features. Screenshot below. Anyone who liked the Node recordings will probably have fun with this.
  • PolyMod - Four voice poly synthesizer Download (Max/msp zipped) based (loosely) on physical modelling principles, no externals required. (New version 2 available, improved sustain handling and cpu usage, missing files now added) Listen (soundcloud)
  • Flute Performance ready flute physical model. No externals needed.

New V2 - Some Mac/PC incompatibility fixed, added some comments on vector size.
audio example of some of what the flute model can do (taken from the piece Ophidian).
 listen (mp3)

  • Bowed and struck bars (metal and wood), ethnic drum, banded waveguide physical model. 
  • Dynamic Convolution Synthesis, an experimental patch for synthesising realistic drums. This combines elements from physical modelling and convolution synthesis with some of the ease of sampling.This patch is intended as a resource for the accompanying Computer Music Journal article. Download (Maxmsp zipped)

de screenshot.

Not public domain as yet -

Max/msp clariflupet hybrid waveguide physical model Listen (soundcloud)
Max/msp pizzicato gong hybrid waveguide and convolution instrument Listen (soundcloud)
Max/msp bowed double bass waveguide physical model

Max/msp DCM synthesis, hybrid convolution/physical modelling percussion synthesis.

Unsolicited testimonials!

"I stumbled across your physical models of flute and strings. Great job, thank you for sharing!"

Robert Henke (co developer of Ableton Live and founding member of Monolake)

"...have been having loads of fun this 
morning exploring your patches.  Really nice work, and thanks for making it 
Brad Garton Columbia University

"In my googling about for a decent pitch-tracking synthesizer for Max/MSP, I was really happy to find your webpage and your guitar-synth patch. I'm an electric violinist and Max programmer in New York City. I play in a rock trio and am doing some performance art projects, and this patch is really what I was looking for!! Always wanted to get that low guitar chug on my vio, and the second preset through a Fender amp sounds amazing. Thanks for keeping it open source, and let me know if you want future versions, as I'm going to keep developing it."

-Sean Hagerty

"I was looking for some good examples of physical modelling in Max and I came across your patches. PolyMod and Pizz are fantastic."

Oli Larkin, University of York