Contemporary Classical

'Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices'

  • Labyrinth Lit by Fire - pno, pre-recorded electronics. 10 mins. Listen
  • Grimoire - orch, computer (also available in a version without computer). 13 mins.
  • Threshold - cbn, perc, live electronics. 6 mins. 
  • Moon Veiled by Clouds - prepared guit, vib, perc. 6 mins. (Computer Music Journal, Sound and Video Anthology DVD, Volume29, 2005.) Listen
  • The Sleep of Reason - orch. 12 mins.
  • Halo, Bells and Voice - 8 electric guit, 2 electric bass. 7 mins. Listen
  • Augury - sax. quartet, (S,S,A,B). 6 mins. Listen
  • Transmutation - Alto fl doubling fl, cl doubling bcl, tpt, 2 perc, cel, 2vl, vlc, vib, . 10 mins. Listen
  • Seven Seals - cl, doubling bcl, pno, vl, vlc. 9 mins. Listen
  • Bethara Bayu - javanese gamelan, prepared harp, pre-recorded aeolian harps. 10 mins. Listen
  • The Chamber - small orch. 9 mins. 
  • Underworld - fl doubling alto fl, tpt, pno, ob, cl doubling bcl. 6 mins. 
  • Green Man - lever harp 4 mins. New edition published by Beartramka 2007 (in Lever Harp 2000, Beartramka, UK.)
  • Ophidian - computer (physical model flute) 9minsListen
  • Solve et Coagula - strings, woodwind and solo flute. 10 mins. Listen, full performance on soundcloud
  • Imprint - strings, trombones and ring modulator 10 mins. Listen, full performance.

Scores available on request. Parts available for a small fee.

Imprint in performance.


Ophidian First performance 

Solve et Coagula in rehearsal, Simon Desorgher flute, Simon Ible conducts Ten Tors orchestra.

Solve et Coagula first performance.