I like to play guitar - loud guitar with lots of distortion! Is there a contradiction with some of the other music you can find on this site? I don't think so. 
Now I come to think of it I haven't recorded much in this style recently but here are a few things from the archives which might amuse or maybe surprise those who know my other music.

Jamming with Thurston Moore and some of my students.

Here is some work in progress (2011) which is a remix of sorts. Combines Taiko drumming with heavy metal guitar and orchestral brass, plus a few effects. 
It is a taiko composition called "Beowulf"  listen (soundcloud). composed by Jonathan Kirby and performed by Kagemusha Taiko Group.  Guitar and samples by db.

Talking of Jonathan Kirby - 
From the spectacularly self destructive 1980's punk band Diatribe featuring brothers Jonathan and Tim Kirby, a couple of tracks with guitar by db (warning parental discretion advised ha ha).

 (pic by Andy Bettis)

Diatribe were sometimes compared to the Birthday Party or Nick Cave, which is interesting as I later played in  a band which featured Phill Calvert the original drummer from the Birthday Party and Psychedelic Furs keyboard player Ed Buller. That band sounded nothing like the Birthday Party! I have some recordings somewhere, maybe I will try and find them one day.
A track I wrote for a vocalist who never actually recorded the vocal. Kind of industrial meets Alice in Chains. Thin as Shadows

In a completely different style here is a piece for multiple electric guitars and basses. Multitrack recording all instruments by db.

Halo, Bells and Voice - 8 electric guit, 2 electric bass. 7 mins. 

Some more to come soon.