Analogue electronica, modular synthesizers, relevant style references: ambient, industrial, gothic, Berlin school, experimental, techno.

This is just a selection of the electronica I have worked on over the years.

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 Black Horses of the Sun

Video of the track Skyrim here.

Node video track 7 from 'Node 2'.

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Node 2, Dave Bessell, Ed Buller, Flood, Mel Wesson

  Dave Bessel and Parallel Worlds - Morphogenic. DiN 41.

'Morphogenic delivers an unclassifiable and sumptuous collection of sonic soundscapes, 
fluctuating drones and vibrant guitar-synth abstract symphonies. A mesmerizing release 
and a true milestone in the genre of sci-fi ambient space music.'

   db 'analogue' Manor Records 771 2010. Analogue electronica, ambient with gothic undertones.

Video of track one from 'analogue' by db.
Video of track three from 'analogue' by db.

 Node, "Node" dvnt5cd 1995. Retro, Ambient ,Trip Hop, industrial,  with Flood, Ed Buller and Gary Stout.

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Node interview

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 Node, "Terminus" dvnt7cds 1995. Recorded live on the platform of Paddington Station! more info,

Some audio clips of Node can be found here - [2]

Excursions in ambience Astralwerks Records compilation cd released 1995, USA.

Wasted Volume Records compilation BOVcd1 released 1995.

Trance Europe Express Volume Records compilation TEEX-CD4 released 1995.

No1 Fantasy Sub Terranean compilation cd SPV 089-38782 released 1996.

Chill Out Fantasy Tua records compilation cd NTD 90515-22, TUA 015 released 1998 Germany.

Border Dance Division Border Music compilation cd BORPR06 released 1998 Sweden.

Some video of Node can be found here - 



Here is a link to a lot of nice pictures of Node playing live at the Royal College of Music in 2015.

Onstage with Node 2015.

At Work with Parallel Worlds (Bakis Sirros) March 2012.

Node in Assualt and Battery studio Dec. 2011

Onstage with Node 1997