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This site is a home for the varied musical activities of Dave Bessell (aka db). 
You can also find me on Facebook but I don't usually update that very often.

Dave Bessell has been active in the field of popular music for many years, he also studied classical composition and orchestration at the Royal College of Music, jazz guitar with John Etheridge, holds a Doctorate in Music and currently teaches Music and Music Technology at Plymouth University. He can be found performing on guitar or electronics from time to time in a variety of styles. More info here.

  '' Wee have also Sound-houses, wher we practise and demonstrate all Sounds, and the Generation. Wee have harmonies which you have not, of Quarter-Sounds, and lesser Slides of Sounds. Diverse Instruments of Musick likewise to you unknowne, some sweeter than any you have; Together with Bells and Rings that are dainty and sweet. Wee represent Small Sounds as well as Great and Deepe; Likewise Great Sounds, Extenuate and Sharpe; Wee make diverse Tremblings and Warblings of Sounds, which in their Originalle are Entire. Wee represent and imitate all Articulate Sounds and Letters, and the Voices and Notes of Beasts and Birds. Wee have certain Helps, which sett to the Eare doe further the Hearing greatly. Wee have also diverse Strange and Artificiall Echos's, Reflecting the Voice many times, and as it were Tossing it: And some that give back the Voice lowder than it come, some Shriller, some Deeper; Yea some rendering the Voice, Differing in the letters or Articulate Sound, from that they receyve, Wee have also means to convey Sounds in Trunks and Pipes, in strange Lines, and Distances.''

Francis Bacon, The New Atlantis, 1624.

Latest News

Just finished recording new cd of solo ambient electronica, to be called 'Black Horses of the Sun'  further release details soon.

Sat 7th Feb, new performance of 'Imprint' for strings four trombones and ring modulator. At Plymouth University. Tickets here.

New Node album can now be ordered from here.

*NEW* Node T Shirts, get them here.

 I have finally found time to sort out most of the broken links and re instate the audio files. There are a few new things scattered about for you to listen to.


There is a short feature on Node in this recently released documentary


Work on the new analogue cd is coming along nicely. Under way are collaborations with Ed BullerMel WessonBenji VaughanIan Boddy and Lyonel Bauchet. If everyone delivers it should be an interesting one! More news on collaborations for this as they arise.

My new article on audio synthesis is out now in this quarters Computer Music Journal.

Sound design on this by me. Game design for this digital illustration by Tanya Krzywinska from Brunel University, essay by Will Self.


New journal article publication - Dynamic Convolution Modeling, A Hybrid Synthesis Strategy. Computer Music Journal, 37:1 due Spring 2013.

Forthcoming publication 'Blurring boundaries, trends and implications in audio production software developments.' in Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio, Oxford University Press. (Expected spring 2014)