For our Final Project, our group has decided to a Mormon Messages video for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints International Video Contest. We are excited about this project because we feel like it is great opportunity to consume, create and connect with others. We are also excited to many of the available digital literacy tools to assist us in the creation of this video.

The problem we are trying to solve is we are trying help fill the void of good/inspiring media. Specifically, we want to help create quality Mormon media. This need is important because many people (both outside and in the LDS church) are not accustomed to hearing gospel principles taught solely through a general conference talk. The creation of other visual media, is crucial for helping people of all learning styles to better consume religious-oriented content.

Our solution is create visual/audio media to help illustrate the principles that an apostle or general authority is teaching. This hopefully will allow people feel a stronger connection with the content that is being presented. 

So since we have discovered the actual topic of our video..we have changed our title:

"The Greatest Joys"

{Some Adorable Pictures of the Kiddos}

Now you may ask WHY we decided to try and make a Mormon Message video.
We believe with such a media oriented society nowadays, attention spans are shrinking ever faster.
Since there exists so much media (TV shows, movies, random videos, music, etc.) in the world that have such a negative influence, we wanted to create a video (Mormon Message) that promoted positive principles.
Our video is focused around a child's view of families.