WizBit: A BitTorrent Client for S60 Symbian Smartphones using Python

PLEASE NOTE: WizBit is no longer in development. Try Googling for SymTorrent instead. 

 A Free BitTorrent client for Nokia S60 mobile phones written in Python by David Hulbert

What is WizBit?

WizBit is a BitTorrent client for Symbian S60 smartphones (such as the Nokia 6680, 7610, 6600, N70, N80, N91 or many more). It uses Python, which is available for free.

It is currently not complete. It does not fully work yet and is only suitable for alpha release. When it is complete you will be able to search for torrents and download them.

I am making it for my final year Computer Science (actually Internet Computing, but it's almost the same) project at Exeter University in the UK. 


 Where can I download it?

The code here is not complete. You cannot yet download files. The code here is for demonstration purposes only. 


You will need a S60 (Symbian) phone. WizBit should work OK on all the devices here. WizBit requires the SHA algorithm to work, free from the PyPy library. WizBit should install and run fine on most S60 devices with Python installed.


WizBit.py note: this is an alpha version. You will need Python experience to get it doing anything. It does not download files yet. It can currently connect to a tracker and retrieve a list of peers.

Sha.py (from the PyPy library) 


Make sure you have Python installed on your phone (or emulator). Either download the 2 .py files above with your phone or download them on your computer and transfer them to your phone. Open the 2 files, the sha.py should be installed as a library and the wizbit.py should be installed as a normal script.

Run Python from you phone main menu and go to run script from the menu. Choose WizBit.py and wait for it to load.

Sometime soon I hope to package WizBit as a .sis installation file (with an icon!) to make installation much easier. WizBit will then be runnable from the phone's main menu.



This is just screen shots of the front end. Not all the features are implememnted in the back end yet. The icons for the files are currently just random, but I'll make some nice meaningful ones at some point.

A list of files to download. The user can choose a file and see progress.

Choosing how to start a new download.

Searching for a torrent file. This currently uses Mininova, but I'll put in more search sites at some point.

Requests, Ideas and Coming Soon

Features I plan to get working soon, in rough order of importance:

  • Actually downloading files
  • Clever selection of which peer to download which part 
  • Uploading 
  • A good progress bar, with time remaining 
  • Nicely packaged installation 
  • Choosing particular files in a torrent to download
  • Selecting results from a search engine (currently WizBit just gets the best result)
  • More search engines
  • Downloading multiple torrents at the same time
  • Network options, such as chaning ports and setting limits


WizBit is free to download and use. WizBit is licenced under the GPL. Feel free to modify it, use it or change it. The GPL requires you to release any source code you modify. 

Please donate (on the right) if you find WizBit useful. I'm a poor student and need money for caffeine. Feel free to redistribute WizBit. Please let me know how you useit.


 Terms and Conditions

This software is provided with no guarantee of anything. It may break your phone and make it explode (it shouldn't). I accept no liability for any consequences. 

As with most software, WizBit can be used legally or illegally. WizBit was designed for academic purposes. Please only download files you have permission to. I take no responsibility for any illegal actuvities you participate in. There are plenty of legal torrents here.


 Feedback and Contact

WizBit was created by David Hulbert. You can find my email address on my personal blog. For general feedback or questions, please leave a comment on the WizBit blog. Feel free to link to this page or the blog.


For near realtime updates to WizBit please visit the WizBit blog: http://s60bt.blogspot.com/

If you like WizBit or would like to encourage me to develop it then please consider donating. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Feel free to edit and improve the WizBit page on WikiPedia. 




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