CV of David Hulbert

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A passionate graduate with a can-do attitude currently working on a chapter for a book titled “Mobile Phone Programming and its Application to Wireless Networks”. Great team-leading and team-working experience with expert computing knowledge through university, business experience and self-taught.



2006            BSc in Internet Computing at the University of Exeter         

Modules included: Final project “BitTorrent client for Symbian Smartphones”, Compilers and Interpreters, Enterprise Computing, Bioinformatics and Biocomputations, Nature-Inspired Computing, Advanced Microprocessor System Design, Internet Networking.

Honors: Degree passed with Class II Division I

Experience writing and presenting reports to large groups and a committee, and collaborating with team-members to get projects completed on time.

Corfe Hills School. Broadstone, Dorset

2003            A levels       

Maths: A, Physics: A, Chemistry: B, Economics: B

2001            GCSEs

11 GCSEs: A*-C. Including Maths: A*, Double Science: A*, English A

Work Experience

2005-2006    Volunteer – Community Action, University of Exeter  

Tasks involved being responsible for up to 6 children; being a responsible minibus driver; organizing events for children, elders and students; working with people with various disabilities.

Through Community Action I have improved my team working skills and have learnt to deal with a variety of different people.


2002-2003    Webmaster  

Writing HTML, PHP and JavaScript for 2 national charity websites. This involved taking my initiative for important decisions and working to strict deadlines.


2001            Technician – Space Technology Systems, Wimborne, Dorset  

Duties included prototyping critical electronic systems (emergency train protection), researching electrical components, CAD work and assisting others in technical tasks.


Computing Experience


Used for final year university project involving mobile devices and networks. Highly skilled in basic scripting and complex object orientated applications.


Proficient in web and database  applications (SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc) in addition to use in stand-alone programs for bioinformatics and genetic algorithms.

C, C++

Intermediate knowledge of C and C++ on both UNIX and Windows platforms.


Taught comprehensively in degree on multiple platforms. Good knowledge of Enterprise Java Beans, applets and GUIs.

 HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, CSS

Self taught to a high level. Created many hand coded websites using CSS extensively.

 Shell scripting

Self taught scripting including bash, tcsh, grep, sed, awk, etc. Able to complete complex tasks in minimal time.


Installing wired and wireless networks for multiple platforms for friends and relatives, as well as assistance in commercial environments. Good knowledge of networking principles including OSI 7-layer model and mobile communications.


Developed programs for 6502 and 68k series microprocessors at university.


Basic experience in VisualBasic, BASIC, Perl, Delphi, TCL and more. Experience with MS Office and other business software. Electrical experience in prototyping, soldering and RF electronics. Experience with PSTN telephone systems.


Interests and Activities

During my spare time I enjoy reading about technology and politics as well as going on walks and outings with my fiancée. I have been an active member in university clubs and societies such as the Christian union, break dancing and ultimate Frisbee. I regularly play squash and badminton on a non-professional level.



Available on request