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The page of Dave that isn't my blog


Chances are you're looking for WizBit. If not, read on... 


This site is now one of my many non-updated homepages.  Read my blog for an up-to-date view of what's happening. This page is mostly just a test.

About me

    My Name

My name is David Hulbert, (or Dave Hulbert). On the net I'm oftenly known as dave1010, or sometimes dave1010uk. I used to be elmo13. My email address is dave1010 at gmail dot com. I also used to use elmo@beeb.net, davidhulbert@hotmail.com, davidhulbert@yahoo.com and a few others but I never check them now.

    The physical me

I'm about 5'12" and look like most of the photos of me. I have hair and at least 2 elbows. Have a look to the right -->

    The geographical me

I live in a "house". Either in Merley, Wimborne, Dorset or during term time Exeter, Devon, both in the UK.

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