Favorite ancient coins that I've cleaned myself


I purchase uncleaned ancient coins from a variety of vendors and I clean them myself. It is a relaxing hobby for me and I greatly enjoy it. Below are a few of my favorites.

This is one of the first coins that I cleaned. It is of Elagabalus who ruled from 218 to 222 AD. This coin was minted in Marcianopolis in Moesia Inferior and is considered a Roman Provincial coin. He ruled from age 14 to age 18. I have a couple of pages devoted to Elagabalus at the previous link.

This was a coin that I won in a contest from commonbronze. It started as an uncleaned coin and after a lot of time and work, this is the result, a very nice Caligula.

This was a coin that I cleaned for the MMV (2005) coin cleaning contest. It won first place in the Greek portion of the competition. This coin is from Ptolemais-Ake, Phoenicia- AE15. (2.4g). Obv: Jugate heads of Dioskuroi right. Rev: Cornucopia. Reference for this coin is Lindgren 2311; SG 6046. Ptolemais-Ake was a small ancient port city in Phoenicia to the south of Tyre. Minted 174-165 BC. My prize for winning this portion of the contest was a pair of Julius Caesar coins, one an authentic coin, another a modern fake of the same coin.

This is a coin of Tranquillina, wife of Gordian III from 241 - 244 AD. It is from Hadrianopolis, Thrace and has a reverse of the Three Graces. (wikipedia) It is rarer coin with an interesting reverse.

This coin is Marcus Aurelius from Nikomedia (Nicomedia), Bithynia. Obverse: av k m avp antVneinoc(AV K M AVP ANTwNEINOC) Reverse: mhtneV neikomh (MHTNEw NEINOC). Towered and veiled head of Tyche right with corn-ears before. This was another of my very first coins, From the same batch as my first Elagabalus. However this coin was badly corroded and took quite a while to clean up even to the state that it is currently in. It took even longer to figure out who was on the reverse. It is 23mmX25mm and weighs 11.78 g. Reference: Lindgren A165a; Rg 93; Von Aulock 760

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