Item Pack MOD for Baldur's Gate II

 Version 1.8

by Daulmakan





This mod adds several new items to Baldur's Gate II/Tutu/BGT, as well as a few item related tweaks that I find convenient. Some components require Throne of Bhaal, as well as the latest patch (26498). For BGII/BGT, I recommend having the G3 Fixpack installed, though it should work just fine without it.

Before installing this mod, or any other, make sure you have done a proper backup, in order to avoid the hassles of installing/uninstalling the entire game and make your life easier if you run across any problems. If you don't know how to properly do this, check this wonderful thread at:,17555.0.html

Once that is done, just extract the contents of this mod to your BG2 folder (if you’re installing on a Tutu/BGT game, point to the Tutu/BGT folder instead), make sure you haven't got any Infinity Engine applications such as Shadow Keeper or Infinity Explorer open, and run the Setup-Item_Pack.exe. You'll be asked what do with each component (all of them are optional).




This is a WeiDU mod, so it should work well along with such others. If you have other item-affecting mods, be warned that Components III & IV from this mod overwrite items, so you'll only get to see their version or mine, depending on your install order.

Some of the items provide spell-like abilities. These are taken from the vanilla game's spells, so if you have Spell Revisions installed or any similar spell mod, said changes will be accounted for. In other words, Item Pack will use, when appropriate, any modified version of spells you have, provided it's installed AFTER them (there's only one exception, which should be obvious enough by the item's description).

In order to see all the items, you should install Item Pack AFTER the following:
* Tactics' Gebhard Blucher's Improved Mae'Var
* Item Upgrade
* Anishai One Day NPC
* Questpack's Additional Shadow Thieves' Content

Note that those aren’t necessary for Item Pack to work. But if you want them, they should be installed before.

You'll have to start a new game in order to enjoy the full content of this mod.


I. Item Pack v1.8

This is the mod's main component. It will add 45 brand new items to the game, mostly taken from the Icewind Dale series & Planescape: Torment, though modified in several cases. The items themselves are dispersed throughout the game: some of them can be bought in stores, others will be in possession of enemies or other NPCs. In two particular instances, two of the new items will replace vanilla ones as quest rewards (don't worry, you can still get those somewhere else). Cespenar will forge a new item for you as well.

There are two spoiler files included with the mod with the abilities for each item and their exact location if you're curious, though I recommend not using them.

II. Extra Items

Adds a pair of Boots of Speed and a Potion Case to Ribald, a Bag of Holding to one of the containers near the Jailkeep Golem in Chateau Irenicus, the Cloak of Balduran to one of the chests in Irenicus' room, and an extra chunk of Illithium to Neb so you can upgrade the Mace of Disruption and complete Sir Sarles' quest at the same time.

III. Tweaked Items

This component will tweak several items so that:

   Ø The Greenstone is changed to provide its immunity effects simply by being equipped

   Ø The same goes for the Shield Amulet

   Ø The Darksteel Shield’s resistance to Poison is changed to resistance to Electricity

   Ø The Scarlet Ninja-to will now be equippable by fighter classes (except Beastmaster) and thieves

   Ø The Studded Leather of Thorns +6 will now inflict 3D4 points of Fire damage (instead of just 1D4) and  
   provide a small measure of Fire resistance (+25%)

   Ø The Short Sword of Mask has double chance (30%) of triggering both of its special abilities

   Ø The Ring of Protection - Warder’s Signet is now of +5 enchantment, which is the P&P maximum

   Ø The Staff of Arundel now provides +2 AC bonus, 30% resistance to Fire/Cold (instead of just 10%), and  
   bonus spells are replaced with a once/day cast of Iron Skins

   Ø The Mercykiller Ring will now add a +1 bonus to Backstab multiplier in addition to its vanilla abilities and
   also gets a new BAM

   Ø The Rod of Smiting is usable by all classes

   Ø The Club of Detonation +5 will now trigger a party friendly Fireball upon 15% of all successful hits.  
   Unfinished Business’ expanded item description for it is included

   Ø The Harbinger sword will trigger a friendly Fireball as well

   Ø The Girdle of Fortitude is changed to set Constitution to 18 by being equipped instead of once/day

    Ø  The Cloak of the Stars will convey a +1 THAC0 bonus while equipped, as well as SET mastery in  

Malla’s Soul Stone’s cast of Neutralize Poison is replaced by plain immunity to Poison and Disease,      as well as providing +1 Strength and +1 AC in addition to its other stat bonuses

Jerrod’s Mace will now provide immunity to Poison and Bleeding effects while equipped

In all cases the item descriptions are updated to reflect the changes.

If installed on Tutu, the Greenstone and the Shield Amulet will be affected in the BG1 portion of the game too.

IV. Convenient Free Action Items

This will change the Flail of Ages, Ixil's Spike, and the Ring of Free Action so that they no longer prevent the wielder from being hasted (they will still provide protection against hold, slow, and other similar effects).

If installed on Tutu, the Ring of Free Action will be affected in the BG1 portion of the game too.

V. More Distinguishable Items

This component will change the inventory BAMs for the Ring of Regeneration, the Girdle of Fortitude, the Saving Grace shield, the Defender of Easthaven flail, the Robe of Vecna, Dak'kon's Katana, the Sensate Amulet, Vhailor’s Helm, the Skull of the Lich, the Mercykiller Ring, the Plate of Balduran, Edwin’s Amulet, the Scarlet Ninja-To, Everard’s Morning Star, Jerrod’s Mace, Mauler’s Arm, The Sleeper, Malla’s Soul Stone, and Wong Fei’s Ioun Stone. Previously, all of them shared BAMs with other existing items. They should all stand out now.

A new Werewolf paperdoll for the Shapeshifter class is included as well.

VI. Familiar Faces

This will make Joluv and Deirdre appear in Amkethran's Inn, in case you forgot to buy something or didn't have enough funds while in SoA.

VII. More Work for Cromwell

This component will allow Cromwell to forge more items for you. The list of recipes is as follows (highlight to see the components required):

Ring of Protection +2
2 Rings of Protection +1
1 Diamond
5000 Gold

Cloak of Protection +2
2 Cloaks of Protection +1
1 Rogue Stone
5000 Gold

Mace of Disruption +2
Mace of Disruption +1
Extra Chunk of Illithium
7500 Gold

Ilbratha +3
Ilbratha +1
1 Scroll of Mirror Image
1 King’s Tear
7500 Gold

Belm +4
Belm +2
1 Emerald
15000 Gold

Jhor the Bleeder +4
Jhor the Bleeder +2
2 Poisoned Throwing Daggers
7500 gold

Adjatha the Drinker +4
Adjatha the Drinker +2
2 Bloodstone gems
7500 gold

Periapt of Proof Against Poison
Amulet of Protection +1
3 Jasper Gems
5000 gold

Mauler's Arm +4
Mauler's Arm +2
King's Tear
potion of hill giant strength
15000 gold

Reflection Shield +3
Reflection Shield +1
2 scrolls of Protection from Normal Missiles
Star Sapphire
5000 gold

Dak'kon's Katana +4
Scroll of Chaos
20000 gold

VIII. Pocket Store

This component will enable a new vendor in the pocket plane, mainly for dumping stuff purposes, though he has 2 new items for sale as well. In order for him to appear, you need to have rescued (killed) Dola Fadoon, the genie being tortured near the entrance of Ust Natha. If you talk to him after the destruction of Saradush, he will help you a bit with your upgrade components (you can get another copy of either the Heart of the Damned, the Bowstring of Gond, or the Eye of Tyr, just once).

IX. Item Pack for Tutu/BGT

Adds a small amount of the main component’s items to the BG1 part of the game. The items added are (highlight to read): Black Wolf Amulet, Gauntlets of Elven Might, Helm of the Trusted Defender, Blur Deck, Jester's Bag of Holding, Serpent’s Ring, Clasp of Bron's Cloak, Ring of Dwarven Bone, Holy Chaos! Deck, Oil of Second Chances, Mummy’s Tea, Boots of the Forgotten Ones, and the Tome of Sacred Verse. Furthermore, a Bag of Holding is added to Winthrop’s shop, as well as new BAMs for Perdue’s Sword, Edwin’s Amulet, History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness, and the Vial of Mysterious Liquid. There’s also a new item exclusive to the BG1 part of the game: Ulcaster Academy Ring, which replaces The Vampire Sword as a reward for giving Ulcaster the Idol of Koza and the Ancient Armor. 

As with the main component, there’s a spoiler file with their exact locations inside the mod’s directory.

X. +X% Elemental Damage

Making use of Ascension64’s ToBEx magic, this component will add 5 new items with the +X% Elemental Damage ability. There’s one item for each “element” (acid, cold, fire, electricity, and magic), and each of them will increase their respective element’s damage by 20%. This component is based on (and requires) ToBEx Beta0021_test_110709 or greater, and so every warning that applies to it applies to this component as well.

There’s a spoiler file with the items’ locations inside the mod’s directory as well.


I'd like to thank:

* The whole IE community, for providing such a fine array of mods to keep a great game alive and ever-entertaining. This mod is a tiny way of saying thanks and providing something of my own that hopefully somebody else will enjoy.

* Westley Weimer and The_Bigg for the cornerstone of IE modding, WeiDU.

* Avenger for DLTCEP

* Glenn Flansburg for BAM Workshop

* Jon Olav Hauglid for Near Infinity

* Dmitry Jemerov and bigmoshi for Infinity Explorer

* aVENGER & Mike1072 for letting me borrow their code and explaining the things I didn't understand

* Sir_Kill at Blackwyrm Lair for his BAM Description tutorial

* temujin for letting me know where I screwed up

* ax, wut, Lollorian, Shaitan, 10th, Fennek, Noban, GeN1e/Ardanis, and Piperb for helping with bug hunting


* Shimmer_n_Fade, SixofSpades, Chevalier, Miloch, Thailog, and Aranthys for their suggestions

* The IESDP over at Gibberlings 3, and all the other tutorials and mods from which I borrowed tips, as well as all of the modders out there who graciously share their knowledge with the rest of us.


* Version 1.8:

- Added new BAMs for Edwin’s Amulet, Malla’s Soul Stone, Mauler’s Arm, The Sleeper, Jerrod’s Mace, Everard’s Morning Star, Wong Fei’s Ioun Stone, and a slightly recoloured Scarlet Ninja-To to the More Distinguishable Items component

- Added two new items to the Tweaked Items component: the Cloak of the Stars and Malla’s Soul Stone

- Added new BAMs for Perdue’s Sword, Edwin’s Amulet, History of the Sisters of Light and Darkness, and the Vial of Mysterious Liquid to the Item Pack for Tutu/BGT component. A new BG1-only item is also added to this component: Ulcaster Academy Ring

- Fixed an issue with Mummy’s Tea using Tutu-only sound resource & ground icon

- Fixed Keryvian’s bonus against demons, which weren't working because of the effects not being copied to the Override folder

- Fixed Mummy’s Tea “Gulp!” misplaced string reference that should appear after drinking it

- Fixed the misplaced description for The Bitch Queen’s Envoy

- Fixed the misplaced name string for Tutu’s modified Free Action Ring

- Removed ‘Beta’ tag from +X% Elemental Damage component

- Tweaked the Serpent Ring so dual kited Fighters/Thieves can use it too

- Updated Russian translation

- Updated the tooltip macro

* Version 1.7:
- Added a new component: 'Item Pack for Tutu/BGT'
- Added a new component: '+X% Elemental Damage <BETA>'
- Added six new items to the main component: The Bitch Queen’s Envoy, the Holy Chaos! Deck, Oil of Second Chances, Mummy’s Tea, Boots of the Forgotten Ones, and Zilzanzer's Magnificent Dart
- Added a new icon for the Plate of Balduran to the More Distinguishable Items component
- Added compatibility with Tutu for the relevant items in both the Tweaked Items and Convenient Free Action Items components
- Added one item to the More Work for Cromwell component: Dak’kon’s Katana +4
- Added four new items to Tweaked Items component: the Rod of Smiting, the Club of Detonation, the Harbinger sword, and the Girdle of Fortitude
- Included a new Werewolf paperdoll for the Shapeshifter class in the More Distinguishable Items component
- Updated Russian translation

* Version 1.6:
- Added a new item to the main component: the Spyglass
- Added Russian translation, courtesy of Silent from

* Version 1.5:
- Added a new component: 'Pocket Store'
- Added a new item to the main component: the Wand of Protection
- Added a new item to the Tweaked Items component: the Mercykiller Ring
- Added immunity to morale break to the Greenstone Amulet of the Tweaked Items component
- Added new icons for the Sensate Amulet, Vhailor’s Helm, Mercykiller Ring, and a recoloured Skull of the Lich to the More Distinguishable Items component
- Did a new description BAM for House of Despana Insignia
- Fixed a mistyped 'OR' condition for Mantooth’s upgrade

* Version 1.4:
- Added a new item to the main component: Jester’s Bag of Holding
- Added two new items to the Tweaked Items component: the Ring of Protection - Warder’s Signet, and the Staff of Arundel
- Did some minor code optimizations
- Fixed an issue with the Dread Bond bracers, which were wrongly equippable by Kensais
- Tweaked slightly the Badge of the Svirfneblin and the Chauntea’s Vest armor

* Version 1.3:
- Added six new items to the main component: Keryvian (bastard sword), Blur Deck, Robe of the Watcher, Girdle of Labelas, and Scarab of Protection
- Added two items to the More Work for Cromwell component: Mauler’s Arm +4 & Reflection Shield +3
- Fixed an issue with the Shield Amulet, which was providing protection from Tutu's Magic Missile instead of regular BG2's
- Fixed an issue with the Serpent Ring, now Jan and other illusionist/thief characters can wear it too
- Fixed Mantooth's bonus against wizards, which weren't working because of the effects not being copied to the Override folder
- Fixed more compiling issues - Removed some mistyped 'OR()'s conditions

* Version 1.2:
- Added a new component: 'More Work for Cromwell'
- Added an extra chunk of illithium and a Potion Case to the 'Extra Items' component
- Added a new icon for Dak'kon's Katana to the 'More Distinguishable Items' component
- Added three items to the 'Tweaked Items' component: the Shield Amulet, the Studded Leather of Thorns +6, and the Short Sword of Mask +5
- Changed ReadMe format
- Fixed some compiling issues that were causing problems in certain instances (thanks to temujin)
- Fixed an issue with Mantooth's bonuses against liches and golems, which weren't working. Added bonus against wizards

* Version 1.1:
- Added a new item to the main component, the Badge of the Svirfneblin
- Added a new icon for the Robe of Vecna to the More Distinguishable Items component
- Changed Mantooth's sword colour, removed silver & cold iron flags
- Corrected a few typos
- Fixed an issue with the alternate BAMs not being copied to the Override folder if the main component was skipped
- Fixed an issue with the Serpent Ring not displaying the Magic Resistance icon while equipped
- Renamed Component IV. Added the Ring of Free Action to it

* Version 1: Initial release


Baldur's Gate II and all of its trademarks are property of Bioware, Black Isle, Interplay, and Wizards of the Coast. I am in no way related to them and yadda yadda, you know how this goes. This is purely meant to entertain us players and NOT to profit in any way whatsoever.

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