Vietnamese Spring Rolls and "Broken rice" Dishes

"If first impressions mean anything, Dat Thanh, you had me at hello.

-Angela T.

"Dat Thanh has the best spring rolls in OC, hands down. This place is the business."

-Anita W.

    Our Vietnamese Spring Rolls are made from the freshest ingredients and are made fresh when you order. The pork and shrimp sausages  is made from fresh ground pork and shrimp made from scratch that is a part a well-kept family secret recipe. The lettuce, cucumbers and other vegetables are cut and prepared fresh daily.  Our specialty sauce is made from more than 20 different ingredients all contributing to create the perfect dipping sauce for our spring rolls.

     Our barbecued meats and shrimps are marinated and basted with a special home-made family secret barbecue sauce. It is then carefully charbroiled and served with your choice of white and fluffy "broken rice"  (Com Tam) or vermicelli noodles topped with freshly cut vegetables.. In addition to the different choices of barbecued meats, you also have a choice to include our crispy deep fried shrimp cake (Ta Hu Ky) or a steamed egg and pork patty oozing with flavor. Our shrimp cake is made from freshly ground shrimp with water chestnut and other fresh ingredients all carefully hand-wrapped in tofu wrapper and then deep fried.

    Our restaurant is family owned and operated which means everything that we serve here has that "home-cooked" taste that makes us unique from other restaurants. We look forward to seeing you, your family and friends! So why don't you hop in the car, and "Come Roll with Us".