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Ph. D. Thesis

Submitted on August, 2009 


Basic Electronics Engineering 

Published on Friday 18th July, 2008



CH 2: Diodes

CH 3: Common Diode Applications

CH 4: Bipolar Junction Transistors

CH 5: DC Biasing Circuits

CH 6: Small Signal Analysis of Amplifier and Hybrid Parameters

CH 7: Field-Effect Transistors

CH 8: Feed Back Amplifier

CH 9: Operational Amplifier & Its Applications

CH 10: Thyristors & Other Special Semiconductor devices

CH 11: Cathode Ray Oscilloscope








Published on Friday 3rd January, 2003


Chapter 1:         Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers          
Chapter 2:         Number Systems & Codes

Chapter 3:         Fundamentals of Electronics Circuits      

Chapter 4:         Basic Boolean Logic Design

Chapter 5:         Minimization Techniques

Chapter 6:         Electrical Concepts                   

Chapter 7:         Fundamentals of Control Systems                      

Chapter 8:         Logical Sensors

Chapter 9:         Logical Actuators                      

Chapter 10:       Introduction to Ladder Logic       

Chapter 11:       PLC Architecture

Chapter 12:       Memory units of PLC

Chapter 13:       Operational PLC

Chapter 14:       Sequencer & Shift Registers      

Chapter 15:       Latches, Timers, Counters and More

Chapter 16:       Analog Inputs & Outputs

Chapter 17:       Continuous Sensors

Chapter 18:       Continuous Actuators

Chapter 19:       Continuous Control

Chapter 20:       Electrical Design and construction

Chapter 21:       Motors, Motion and Drives

Chapter 22:       Switch Board, Panel Board and Circuit Breakers  

Chapter 23:       Selecting a PLC

Chapter 24:       Introduction to HMI and SCADA