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ave a Question? Get Instant Answers @ Go!

Have a Question? Get Instant Answers @ Go!

 Welcome tomy FREE relationship, dating, and sex advice page!


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My name is Elaine. I am the author of a Model Advice website and a writer of the Internet Dating Advice Blog. I am a member of Yahoo Singles & Dating group where I regularly participate in the Yahoo Answers by providing advice to members of the online community and where my advice is regularly chosen the best answer.


If you are like most single women, you long to find the love of your life. But if you still haven’t found it, after a while you start seeing a depressing pattern in your relationships with men. You meet men, you date men, and every time your relationship seems to come to a dead end. And you just don’t know what you are doing wrong that makes men leave you.  It seems hard to find a man you are attracted to. It’s harder to find a man with all the wonderful qualities that you want in a man. It’s even harder to get that man whom you think is a catch to ask you out. And if and when he does ask you out, you go on a date that seems perfect and you are sure he is going to ask you out on another date, but then he never calls.


Was there a time you asked yourself, what could I do to enhance my dating experiences and to make my love life fulfilling and productive? I found the answers. Learn How to Captivate a Man, Make Him Fall in Love with You -- and Give You the World! It worked for me. Maybe now it’s your turn!

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I have been meeting some of the most interesting single men online. My dating experiences have tremendously enriched my life, and made it incredibly interesting and fulfilling. I have met many people from all over the states. I have met top executives and entrepreneurs, writers, producers, top doctors, male models, scientists, inventors, diplomats, well-known lawyers, and celebrities.


And now you can do too! If you follow my advice, you will achieve substantially better quality dating life then you could ever imagine.


My advice is a combination of the two: practical and forthcoming. This is an virtual dating advice, information and counseling center.


Feel free to browse this website as well as my blog to find answers to many frequently asked questions. For specific advice on your particular situation, please, e-mail me. I ask that you give your permission to post your questions and answers on my website. Your contact information including your real name will remain anonymous and will not be shared with anyone or used for any commercial purpose.