9 Effortless Checklist To Answer Your ‘Am I Clingy’ Question

This article originally appeared on the Loveawake.com

Am I clingy? Did you ever find yourself asking that question to your man, or even yourself?

If you did, well practically you’re concern of your actions!

Then ladies, I’d like to add…NEVER ask that to your man! You can ask yourself, your mates, family, or God knows who ever that is in close contact with you, but NEVER your man!

Well…why Tina? Isn’t it better for me to ask him directly, so I’ll get the right answer from the person himself? After all, its only a simple question. Am I clingy..?

Girl, girl, girl…! Am_i_clingy_too

Well that could be just the excuse he would use if he wants to avoid you in future! Since you asked, you have it somewhere in your thinking that you ARE clingy right? Trust me, he’ll get the vibes!

It’s like telling him, ‘I am clingy, why are you still in a relationship with me?!’

Okay so here’s your ‘Am I Clingy’ Checklist!

Checking Your Phone Every Now And Then ‘To Check If He SMS Or Calls You’

Nah, it’s not that you can’t do that. But if it’s the only reason you’re checking your phone, you might have been a little too obsessed, don’t you think?

Plus, if you checked and he never seems to be the one to contact you first, that might have just been another signal!

Going Out With Him Everyday

If it’s a new relationship, and you’re in the honeymoon period, that’s still…errr ok and quite normal. But if it has been longer than 2-3 months, you might want to reconsider the plans of going out everyday.


As much as you need some personal space, so does he. The last thing a man wants to be accused of, is getting henpecked and feel a little less of……a man, yeah?

You’re Always The One Who’s Making The Plan

You know how relationships need both sides to clap right?

If you’ve been the only one planning your get-together, chances are the activities that you guys are engaged in, are the ones that you love. Not him.

In turn, should you even ask him ‘am I clingy?’ when you’re already making him feel..yeah you’ve got it right, clingy!

You’re The Only One Who Posts, Or Comments On His Facebook Profile

If you do realise that you’re the ONLY or most frequent person who posts or comments on his Facebook, you’re in great trouble girl! Chances are, even his friends are wary of your behaviour to the point that no one dares to be active on his profile!

Only Photos And Status Updates That’s Associated To Him

Okay girl, have a quick look at your own Facebook profile. Is there approximately more than 60% of posts that is either about your man or your relationship with him?

If your answer is yes, most probably you have choked your life into filling every space, and even cyberspace about him!

Your friends know you’re madly in love with him. Just don’t be ga ga over it okay?

Do You Find Yourself Getting All Mad And Upset To The Point That You Could Turn To A Lady Hulk When He Made Plans Without Informing You Or Perhaps Even Without You?

Am I clingy? You’re a sticky glue.

He’s Giving Everything Or Everyone Attention…..And Not You

Realise whenever you’re talking to him, he seems all distracted?

He’s interested in the surroundings, people around him, his phone, Facebook, Instagram, his watch…or whatever it is, but just not you.

Reason? It might have been that he’s there cause you ask him to, or force him to meet you. And doesn’t have a choice but to just show up.

Does he still love me? Yes. Am I clingy? Hell….Yes!

Call Or Text Him At E V E R Y Expense

Hey that shoe’s pretty! Call him.

Wow I think I need that new concealer! Text him.

Oohh..I would really make do with just that salad! Call him..again

Well, I think my hair is starting to dry out! Tell him

He might be your boyfriend and best friend. But he’s not your GIRL FRIEND!

Finding Him Snooping

Have you ever found your man snooping?

He went out secretly, had another Facebook account that he thinks you don’t know about, bought stuffs without telling you, always busy………..

Could he be cheating? Maybe…maybe not…we don’t know that for sure.

And dare you ask me, ‘am I clingy?’, I don’t think I need to answer that for you girl.

Do you find the repetition of  ’am I clingy’ phrase annoying? Well..That’s how annoying it is to have someone who’s just too sticky glued to you!

I shall add.

What I’ve put up are just signs and mere guidelines. No right or wrong here! Every man or woman is an individual and have different likings and behaviours.

I’m pretty sure there are more signs and guidelines out there, every woman has their own measuring scale right? Don’t forget to leave your, ‘am I clingy’ method or way of figuring out, in the comment box below!

I should just add a little more.

Use the ‘play hard to get’ game sparingly, you might not want to create an impression that you’re sticky like a glue to him. At the same time, you don’t want to appear as if you’re not interested at all or even ‘too hard to get’. That’s not the whole point there girlfriend. And use it as a weapon to get the guy to want you. And certainly not when you’re ALREADY in a relationship!

Just a little more..Share your methods of ‘play hard to get’ ladies! I’m sure others would love to get a little insight of your own ‘skills’ too!