How To Get A Guy To Want You – Is It Possible And Is There A Guide?

So is it? How to get a guy to want you, easily?

Or at least without slapping on thick make ups or perhaps having the pain to go through plastic surgery, simply to get a shot in attracting a tiny bit of his attention? Is it necessary for us to go through all of that or is there a more logical way and terms to be able to score at this? Just simply how to get a guy to want you?


I know how much we have always been thinking, is it because of our looks? The way we dress? Or our hairdo? Or am I too successful that I was seen as very intimidating to men?

Ladies, where do we find answers to all of this?

If you’re a typical woman like me, who uses the power of Google to find all sorts of answers in your life, you might face some difficulty whenever trying to get answers regarding relationships.

Let’s be honest, shall we?

You could find tons of information out there that could support on how to attract women. But why is it hard to find information for us, women? Most probably because men are the ones who have been doing all the research.

And women, we are at a disadvantage!

Basically, the way we think is way different than men. Simply put, we always think in a sophisticated manner to the point that men thinks its too complicated to understand.

Unfair – Right?

That’s the research that men makes on us. So the pricey questions: How to get a guy to want you? Where to meet men? What attracts men to women? How to get a man? How to find a husband?

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, men makes research on women. But there’s lacking in knowledge about how a man’s mind works. A women’s mind generally could not think as simple as a man’s mind.

And now that got you thinking…

What always goes wrong in a relationship and what’s the best ways to avoid it from happening, should we stick to the old guidelines that our grandma advises, or should we do the exact opposite?

In order to get answers to all these questions, especially on how to get a guy to want you – We have to first understand men. The way they think, react, and what exactly men want in a woman. It’s important to be aware of these factors in order to be able to please them.

If we find the best equations to these problems, we would be able to attain the man we want. Get them to stay, fall deeply in love and readily commit to the relationship.

So how to get a guy to want you exactly? Read on and you’ll be amazed it has nothing to do with how you look like!