Basrah Date Palm Trees

Dates In Basrah - Iraq


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Date Palm Trees In Basrah / Iraq


Basrah county is the second most populated county in Iraq after the capital Baghdad has the biggest number of date palm trees in Iraq and the highest density of palm trees in the world. Palm trees are planted along Shat – Al-Arab river which extend for a distance of approx. 200 KM , the width of the plantation is about 2 KM. Fruit trees such as vine , apple, orange and apricot trees are planted in between the date palm trees.The number of date palm trees was reduced a lot because the area was a battle field during the Iran-Iraq war and the two Gulf wars . Replanting will soon start to increase the number of date palm trees in Basrah.


Palm Tree Species In Basrah

Basrah is well known  for having lots of very testy Palm tree fruits(Dates) species which are original cultivated in Basrah , then spread to Arabian Gulf countries. I remember the following few species which we had at my father’s  plantation :


Gintar (كنطار )

Barhe (برحي )

Kithrawy (كضراوي )

Ksab (خصاب )

Lelwe (ليلوي )

Hamrawy (حمراوي )

Chibchab (جبجاب )

Sayer (ساير )

Hilawy (حلاوي )

Dary (ديري )

Balyane (بلياني )

Braim (بريم )

Asaba Albanat (اصابع البنات )

Kistawy (خستاوي )

Zahde (زهدي )

Ashrase (اشرسي )